Big Giant Swords Season 2

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Short Overview

Big Giant Swords was created in the USA. The premiere episode was shown in January 2015 on Discovery Channel. Big Giant Swords looks like documentary and reality show at the same time. The project itself is a sort of televisual adventures of "Irish Mike" Craughwell. He lives in a lonely rural area, on the lonely island. His favorite pastime is creating and building huge and unique custom swords.
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Plot and the cast

It’s a sort of a reality show where its main character named Michael Craughwell (or “Irish Mike”) has a very unusual hobby. He’s an artful sword maker. But the projects he creates have nothing to do with regular swords we’re used to see in films and old paintings with brave knights. He manages to show off his skills and masterfully creates unique over-sized swords. He doesn’t use any special materials for that – he makes his artworks from the scratch his clients bring him.
Episodes make a close focus on the process of creation of one or two swords. There’s a small team of people helping Mike to achieve the best result in order to make his clients satisfied. His task is to create the sword in a limited period of time with limited materials. After the detailed creating process each sword is tested which is really worth seing.
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All the characters of the show play themselves the way they are in real life. They are: Michael Craughwell (Giant Sword Maker), Michael Robinson (Videographer), Jamie Rogers (Blacksmith), Erik Bang-Birge (Assistant Fabricator), Jonny Rich (Go-to Guy), Matthew Barton (Apprentice), Amelia Smith (Irish Mike’s Wife) and Nova Craughwell (Irish Mike’s Daughter).

Interesting facts and opinions

Craughwell started creating his huge swords in 2003. It was just a hobby he was into for fun, but then, some of his projects were bought by film and video game makers. Lots of fictional media used his models in their projects.
Craughwell gained his popularity through his YouTube channel. He’s been posting his videos about the weapons and the process of creating them with comments.
Big Giant Swords Season 2 Cast
But the most interesting part of the show is the main character himself. Looks like he created his personal world of fantasy where he plays the main role. He’s a handsome, bulky Irishman with a thick beard and fierce, burning wide eyes. He’s intelligent and makes a perfection out of his work, but claims he doesn’t care to bathe. Accepts that he’s not a people person.

What about the second season?

Unfortunately, no news about the second season is available. But you can enjoy Mike’s videos on his YouTube channel. The popularity of it is growing despite the rumors about the cancellation of the TV project.


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