Big Brother Season 19

To relax at home after a hard day’s work and watch some fascinating TV program is a favorite activity of many viewers in America and abroad. And one such show, which has been broadcasting more than 16 years on the CBS television channel, is Big Brother, a project of the reality genre, which has become a real cult. The program has become a kind of development of the earlier Dutch version of this format and today is successfully aired. As before, the public is looking forward to when renewed Big Brother season 19 will return with its next series. Release date of the new episode is still unknown, but what is more important is that the developers have officially announced about the continuation. The new episode is to be released in the summer of 2017, and its coming is a real pleasure for the majority of viewers.

Authors and Creators

Big Brother Season 19 Poster
Long ago the first season air date was presented on July 5, 2000 and after that 18 full seasons have been released. By today an incredible number of episodes – 632 – have been presented, and this result is very remarkable. The latest season release date took place on June 22, 2016.
The idea of such a format belongs to another Dutch series; the story was developed by John de Mol and now is hosted by Julie Chen. Among the producers responsible for many parts and air dates of the series are a great number of professionals. The ones who are well-known by the audience are such as:

  • Don Wollman;
  • Jerry D’Alessandro;
  • Rich Meehan;
  • Christopher Roach;
  • Dave M. Barnett and many others.

The channel broadcasting the show and presenting all its air dates including the following season start is CBS, a world famous American TV network.

Brief Review

It’s difficult to find a show lover today who has never heard about Big Brother. The format of the program is fairly standard, but one shouldn’t forget that it was one of the first to introduce the genre of reality shows in the mode of 24-hour surveillance. Among the cast are usually ordinary people who are trying to adjust themselves to such a way life and get in contact with other participants. Every week one member of the show leaves the project, and this person is selected by voting of the other participants. The main prize each person taking part in Big Brother is eager to gain is really impressive – $500,000.
The next season premiere is sure to present new people and new interesting plot twists, so the public is pleased to have heard about the continuation.

Viewers’ Interest and Rating

The finale results show that the latest season 18 was watched by a great number of viewers – 6.31 million, and demo-rating of the show is 1.9. This data proves that the series is beloved by the audience, and the creators cannot take it into account. Moreover, there is confirmed information that future season nineteen will not be the last one; the project is officially renewed for season 20 too. Stay tuned to get more detailed schedule when announced and continue watching this interesting and catching reality show.


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