Big Brother Canada Season 5

As of today, we are pleased to notify you that the fifth installment of this popular competition show is scheduled to be launched next year, in spring particularly. The release date may become exposed only when getting closer to the end of the upcoming spring.

Main Broadcast and Production Issues

The popularity of this franchise cannot but amaze and thus, it is hard to fond a person is not aware of this competition reality show. Making a short retrospective journey, we must admit that the story basis is the Dutch format created far long ago, in 1997, specifically.
Big Brother Canada Season 5 Cast
The Canadian version of it premiered in 2013 on the Slice channel. Starting from the third season, the show has been broadcasted on Global. The latest start is dated back to March 2016.
The series comes to be led by Arisa Cox. The production matters are resolved by the duo of Endemol and Insight Productions.

Summarizing the Concept

The idea of the show is clear enough for everyone. The 16 participants turn to the so-called House Guests living in the same house under complete video surveillance though all days and nights that are spent there.
The thing is that they are set to face an impressive portion of challenged given by Big Brother. The prize prepared for the winner equals $100,000. Each episode appearing once in a week sees the elimination of one participant, as only one of them is destined to get the victory.
Big Brother Canada Season 5 Promo

Was the Renewal Imminent?

The firs premiere on Slice was not noted for great results with only 0.6 million watchers sitting in front of their TV sets. Only when moving to the Global channel, the series obtained its deserved popularity among Canadian viewers. The viewership increased to 1.1 million people during the release of the third chapter and to 1.4 million when the fourth chapter appeared.
Thus, the series started getting traction and this cannot but please its developers. Consequently, there is no reason for cancellation and the renewal is imminent.
The growing popularity inspired the creators to give birth to two spinoffs entitled as Big Brother After Dark and Big Brother Side Show.
The series is destined to be an entertainment show without any intellectual purposes. Nevertheless, it does not serve as a ground for canceling the story until it has its fan base.
Big Brother Canada Season 5 Poster

Following Recent Updates

The situation proposes much inspiring news to us. The thing is that at the start of summer 2016, the series has turned to be renewed for the fifth installment. The creators were not hesitating about the worthiness of the next installment, thus.
The Big Brother Canada season 5 release date is not yet defined though it is exposed that the premiere is scheduled for the traditional launch timeframe – spring 2017. If you are anxious to become one of the show participants, you are given a chance to apply until October 24, 2016. Take your chance and follow our service if you are hungry for more specifics.


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