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Today everyone sooner or later think about his own business, but not everyone has the opportunity to find sponsors and to obtain capital on the development of the business. But ABC channel provides people with such an opportunity. The project “Beyond the Tank”, which has already been presented as two seasons, is a spin-off of not less famous show “Shark Tank”. The main idea of the show is the existence of business start-ups, aimed at attracting potential investors to develop the business of entrepreneurs. The original show gained enormous popularity, and the creators have decided to extend the project updating it in a special way. Internet users today often ask the authors a question: when will “Beyond the Tank” season 3 premiere? Release Date hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s quite possible for the continuation to be presented soon.
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Creators and Producers

As it has already been mentioned, the program is a spin-off of a famous reality show “Shark Tank”. The word “shark” itself describes potential investors, who are well-known in the world of business. The roles of these “sharks” are played by such businessmen as Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John and Kevin O’Leary. Executive producers are Mark Burnett, Yun Lingner, Phil Gurin and Clay Newbill. The main distributor is Sony Pictures Television, and the broadcasting takes place on a famous ABC channel.

Plot Peculiarities

The series tells the story of tandems between entrepreneurs and successful businessmen ("sharks"), who are willing to allocate money for the development of business successful in their opinions. The participants of the program are the same people, who were previously presented in “Shark Tank”. There is no a particular focus solely on successful transactions; the show describes both successful and unsuccessful alliances, but the main idea is to show those entrepreneurs who have not yet received any investments.
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Most of the “sharks” often find vulnerabilities in the business plans of their potential partners, and some are trying to point out the mistakes in a mild form, while some investors present their claims in a rather abrupt and rude manner, which, of course, is of particular interest to public. At the same time there are also situations where the participation on the show a serious businessman is going only for the publicity.

Ratings and Feedbacks

It is pleasant to observe how various business projects get continuation and successful development due to the tandems of entrepreneurs and investors. “Beyond the Tank” motivates and inspires to action making active people achieve their goals. Season 1, which consisted of only three episodes, was watched by 6.38 million viewers, and season 2 that included 16 episodes was watched by a smaller amount of the audience (3.88 million). Despite this loss of public interest, the chances for the continuation are still there, and the fans of the series hope for season 3 of the show to be presented very soon.


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