Beverly Hills Pawn Season 5

Have you ever caught yourself thinking that Beverly Hills has its pawn shop where celebrities are bringing their jewelry to a get a quick cash? It is real in fact and the series “Beverly Hills Pawn” is narrating specifically about its work. Now the series is on the bubble with its fate being yet to be defined.

Brief review

As a reality project that is showing the work of a star pawn shop to us, Beverly Hills Pawn is the feather in the cap of such executives as Alex Piper, Jonathan Koch, Steven Michaels, Cherisse Corbin, Tony Amatullo, and R.J. Bain.
Beverly Hills Pawn Season 5 Poster
With its truly exciting idea for depiction, the series is hitting the small screen of the Reelz channel in the USA. The project has now four chapters under its belt. The fate of the next fifth one is so far unknown.
The series has its direction team composed of Mike Roth (Secret Millionaire) and Scott James (Drugs Made Me Do It). The premiere of the pioneer episodes was set at the summer start in 2013.

Getting you wise of the show concept

The focus of the story is the pawn shop “Dina Collection” owned by Yossi Dina. The shop is perched in the very heart of Beverly Hills. So it is often visited by celebrities who are willing to get a quick cash carrying various valuable things including jewelry. Many stars are also investing large sums of money in this project. Therefore, this shop is only for the privileged ones.

The variety of things that are collected there is imposing. Here we can find even costumes of Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley’s piano, as well as some private things of Marilyn Monroe, and many more treasures.
The owner is exposing the celebrities who are the often visitors in his pawn shop. The trends of the season are also shown. So what is specifically carried by stars to a pawn shop? Let’s find it out together after following the project from the very start.

What is going on in the latest season?

We enjoyed the latest premiere at the start of the previous year traditionally on Reelz.
The pioneer episode centered on the necklace owned by Elvis. Then we become acknowledged of the history connected with the marvelous dress of Marilyn Monroe, as well as of vintage book with autographs from Walt Disney and a masterpiece by Miles Davis.
Beverly Hills Pawn Season 5 Cast
Providing us with the skeletons hidden in the wardrobes of Hollywood celebrities, the series makes us take another look at their lives showing that they are also people with the same problems and challenges.

When can we expect the resumption for the fifth installment?

As fully as we are informed now, the series is not resumed for the fifth circle though it is high to do it with the latest release dating back to the beginning of the preceding year. We should be now as much attentive as it is possible as news can come off any day and at any moment now. So stay tuned with us if the developers will decide in favor of the project continuation.


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