Better Late Than Never Season 2

Better Late Than Never is another reality project created in the USA. It’s new and it’s still in process of being accepted by the public. The series is aired by NBC and the production is carried out by Universal Television all along with Storyline Entertainment. The creators of the show were inspired by the Korean project called Grandpas Over Flowers.
The American version includes four American celebrities. They are:

  • George Foreman
  • William Shatner
  • Henry Winkler
  • Terry Bradshaw

Better Late Than Never Season 2 Poster
This company is constantly followed by Jeff Dye – a well-known comedian. The participants of Better Late Than Never travel around Asia with no luxuries or extra facilities. They get unique experience penetrating into new cultures demonstrating their customs and expressing their personal attitude to everything they see, eat and experience. The production of the series started in August of 2015. The premiere episode was released on the 23rd of August 2016.

More Details

The promos for the show turned out to be a lot more hateful than the project itself. This reality is slightly crotchety. It follows four elderly TV stars mentioned above on their adventures. They are buffoonish Americans plunging themselves into Asian way of life with comical view on the whole situation. What makes the show attractive is that mutual bro-ish attitude of four friends. They are hilarious engaging with fans and strangers from the other part of the planet.

The Pilot

Four old friends come up with an idea to go abroad. They have no idea where. That’s why they decide to simply spin the globe and poke a finger, eyes closed. The finger points at an area somewhere in China, that’s why they decide to leave for Asia. The faraway trip with camera crew accompanying them starts.
Better Late Than Never Season 2 Promo


The show isn’t about stereotypes. It’s not meant to be mean spirited. It’s a project devoted to four successful and sentimental men discovering brand new things and playing pranks on each other. However, some of the viewers are frustrated by s lazy humor. They feel that the producers of the show try to make them laugh at people of different culture just because they behave differently. Their food and traditions are often presented as “weird” and all the jokes in the show are based on this idea. The slight tint of mockery makes this show provocative.

Four Friends

They have fascinating personalities. Foreman is mostly silent, thoughtful and quiet keeping his thoughts to himself. Bradshaw acts like a stereotypic American constantly saying silly things on camera. Winkler and Shatner are just good friends fond of pranks and dirty jokes. Together they try to squeeze as much as it’s possible out of their big journey into the unknown.

Release Date

On the 22nd of September 2016, the show was renewed for the 2nd season. The release date is yet to be scheduled.


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