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Are you a person who takes a keen interest in the gold hunting? If yes, there is a particular project for watching for you which name is “Bering Sea Gold”. The seekers here are pursuing the gold treasures hidden at the very bottom of the sea working under harsh conditions. The serial is long-running but with the recent release of the latest seventh season, there has been no word so far about the regular resumption.

Brief outline of the brand show on Discovery

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Bering Sea Gold makes for a regular American TV show aired on Discovery Channel. Right from the title of the story, we can guess what the very issue depicted in this serial is. So we are dealing here with searchers who are pushed by the desire of becoming wealthier and set off on a hazardous trip for gold hidden by the Mother Nature in the Bering Sea.
The fabrication of the serial has been perpetrated by the cooperation of two studios named particularly Original Productions and Fremantle Media. With the first episodes opened at the very end of January, the serial garnered a comparatively high line in the general ranking of TV shows on the home channel. The serial is hosted by Mike Rowe who has replaced another person in its narration duties since the release of the third season. The most recent seventh part of the reality project has seen the light of day at the end of March this year and is now on the run.

What does the story follow?

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First and foremost thing that should be mentioned is that the place of shooting is Alaska, the most severe part of the USA. So the filming was set specifically in summer when ice is melting which gives a brilliant opportunity for gold hunters who are chasing the assets of gold.
Following their ambitions, they are deepening into the cold waters of the Bering Sea. Using various vehicles and modern devices they are exploring the bottom for several hours long.
In every episode, the participants of the show are faced with challenges that the Bering Sea is proposing to them for example in the form of poor visibility, mining location rights, diver safety as well as ocean-damaging equipment failures. This list can be continued but these are the main problems.

What should be mentioned in terms of ratings?

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With the great investment made by the producers of the show, a good effective output was expected from the project. Fortunately, the expectations were met right at once. The intense narration has contributed greatly to the today success of this TV show. In order not to beat around the bush, let’s just name the total number of viewers. So it constitutes about 1.5 million people. So it can be considered as a solid reason to continue the show.
And much to show fans’ luck, the serial was resumed with regular intervals. So far, as the matter stands, there is no information at hand concerning the Bering Sea Gold season 8 release date as well as about the possibility that the sequential chapter will take place without any doubt. And there is no wonder. With the recent launch of the latest chapter, it is too early so far for such things.

Update: Bering Sea Gold Season 8 Release Date Out!

It’s time for us to make you a little bit happier. How are we going to do that? Oh, that’s no secret at all. After all, the subscribers of this site, which, hopefully, includes you, dear reader, are avid fans of shows, movies, and video games.
This time, we’re bringing you the release date for Bering Sea Gold Season 8. It’s several weeks away but, on the other hand, you will not have to wait for more than a month. Actually, it’s not even going to be an entire month.
Do you like the number 18? We hope you do. Even if you don’t, you probably will, very soon, because the eighth season of Bering Sea Gold is coming out on January 18, 2017. The clock is ticking away!
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