Below Deck Season 4

Viewers love sitcoms that show the life of the rich and famous. Most ordinary people can not afford a luxurious life, but they have the opportunity to at least look into the world of glamour and wealth. This possibility is given to them by the creators of the American TV project Below Deck, which has been broadcasted on the Bravo channel since the summer of 2013.

Today the public has already watched 3 seasons of the show, and the main question which troubled most of the fans of this program was as follows: is Below Deck coming back for season 4? Release date of the next new episode is already known, and fortunately the latest season 3 was not the last. The return of the renewed series is being planned for September 6, 2016. The coming continuation is sure to gain popularity among the audience.

Below Deck Season 4 date release

Authors and Creators

By today the authors of this American project have presented 39 episodes each running about 42 minutes. It’s already known that the new season will contain 14 episodes.


The developers of Below Deck are executive producers working in one crew. Among these professionals are worth mentioning the following ones:

  • Mark Cronin;
  • James Bruce;
  • Nadine Rajabi;
  • Elise Duran;
  • Rebecca Henning;
  • Courtland Cox.

The company producing this reality show and responsible for the next season air date is 51 Minds Entertainment; the channel broadcasting each season premiere is Bravo, an American TV network.

Below Deck Season 4

Cast and Plot Review

The idea of the series is rather original: it tells about the lives of the crew of a luxurious yacht. Its captain is Lee Rosbach who is really a top class master. On board of his ship there are various guests dealing with different problems during their adventures and trying to adjust themselves to the life on an open sea. The crew of the yacht has to provide powerful and wealthy guests with everything they require.

For 3 seasons the public has watched the work of a great number of vivid and unforgettable personalities. The most memorable of the crew members are the following ones:

  • Kate Chastain;
  • Eddie Lucas;
  • Ben Robinson;
  • Amy Johnson;
  • Kat Held;
  • Jennice Ontineros and others.

The audience is waiting when new season four will be released to see new characters able to attract everybody’s attention.

Below Deck Season 4

Soon Continuation and Series Rating

When season start debuts the viewers will certainly snuggle to their screens. Based on the previous premieres the fourth season release date is being strongly awaited. On a widely known website IMDB its rating is of 6.5/10. This figure is nit the highest, but the show anyway has a lot of fans.

According to the schedule given by the producers the following season is set for September 6, 2016. Stay tuned to make sure that the next series will not be a finale one and to be aware of all the changes in its plot and cast.

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