Below Deck Season 4

A relatively new reality TV show aired on Bravo is now waiting when its creators reveal information concerning the possible renewal of the project. The auditory which the serial has already garnered is found to be big enough to keep producing the story. So we suspect that the statement about a regular renewal should be around the corner.

Project summary

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Below Deck makes for a reality show in the form of the multipart filming project. The fabrication is the duty of the American company. The series has proven to be a hit when opening in the middle of summer 2013. The debut was set on the popular entertaining American channel called Bravo. The serial has particularly garnered about 1.5 million viewers. This can be reckoned as a good start for such type of a project. The sophomore season debuted in 2014, particularly in August.

The essence of the TV show

And now let’s move closer the very core of the subject depicted in the discussed serial. So the main participants of the TV show are considered to be Lee Rosbach, the captain of the large yacht and the members of the hired crew. Each episode various guests are coming to the yacht and the crew should apply all their professional skills in order to become the most experienced in their field of activity.
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In the second chapter, the admirers of the show were in luck to enjoy the crew’s journey around the territories of the British Virgin Island on a different yacht titled Ohana. The second chapter as by the way the previous one was not lacking drama in its plot. That’s why we can also state here that the serial has got enough amounts of positive reviews in order to stick around on its home channel.

The latest third season and its acceptance

In the third chapter, the same crew led by the one and the only Lee Rosbach was sailing the Bahamas on a larger yacht named Eros. Their personal and working sides of life have collided. They should keep their temper in harsh control in order to provide their steadfast guests with the most suitable service that should be in any case on a very high level.
Their crew is joined by a new participant, specifically by Leon Walker a new chief on board. Each episode, the viewers seems like being glued to their screens while watching the serial as the tension is growing with the release of each part. The crew should cope with technical failures and each time they manage to solve the situation as they are true professional working in a tight collaboration.

Can we wait for the launch of another season?

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According to some predictions, the serial should be obviously resumed for another chapter. However, so far we are lacking formal confirmation of the resumption of the TV coming from the immediate creators of the project. It is also supposed that if the serial is launched, it will appear later this particular summer.
While waiting for the announcement of Below Deck season 4 release date and also of the official resumption, let’s keep monitoring the current situation together with us as it can be altered any day.


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