Behind Bars: Rookie Year Season 2

A job of a correctional officer at the prison is referred as pretty dangerous and not got people with the weak nervous system. The serial under the title “Behind Bars: Rookie Year” is practically about that. If you interested in such theme, you are welcome to watch the documentary that has been released so far only in the form of a pioneer season. No more word has come from the developers about the sophomore chapter.

About the documentary

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Being a documentary serial, the project depicts, in fact, the hard working life and duties of correctional officers that serve at the prison. The serial is a newcomer on A&E Network which producers opened airing of this project in the previous summer. The project is a regular product of the firm titled “Lucky 8 TV”.
The shooting was set particularly in New Mexico at one prison for criminals with the violent past.

What is specifically depicted in the serial?

The story of the serial is centered on a very serious theme that is no aiming surely to entertain you. So the thing is that the hazardous work of newcomers in the field of correctional serving at the penitentiary. This establishment is perched particularly in New Mexico. It is chock-full of culprits who are guilty of the most rigorous crimes in the world presenting a danger to the society.
Entering their new working duties, they attempt to cope both with frustrating challenges and prisoners. The time can show only whether they are capable of pulling off this ordeal.
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The pioneer season is depicting such novice officers as Andrew, Cohen, Keith, Carlos, Bruce, Tyler, Zach, Francisco, and Ariel. Some new officers show themselves as arrogant and impudent considering that their work won’t include danger. But one of the experienced correctional officer named specifically Aaron Bell puts them into their place making them understand in such a way that they are entering the prison full of violent criminals and that they should be ready to protect themselves from the cruel inhabitants of this house.
You can catch yourself thinking what particularly makes these people work in such dangerous environment. Everyone has its own reason for it in fact. Someone is just making its end meeting having no other place to go. Another one has been dreaming of such a work for the entire life. The third one can consider this present duty on which accomplishing he has embarked only a step on his career way in law enforcement.

Is the second season possible?

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The most anticipated question now is whether the serial can get a renewal in the form of the sophomore chapter. As the matter stands we have no information available concerning the possibility of the future upgrade as well as about the Behind Bars: Rookie Year season 2 release date.
With quite promising ratings, the serial can get such an opportunity. In any case, we should be ready to receive any kind of news (no matter whether it is the statement of cancellation or the renewal) straight at first hand.


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