Becoming Us Season 2

Making some contribution to the common course of its home channel named as ABC, the serial under the titled “Becoming Us” is still up in the air if to be more concrete its sequential sophomore chapter. On account of the long ago elapsed release of the pioneer season, doubts about the feasibility of the story continuation creep in.

Quick sketch

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Featuring the daily on-goings in lives of two social units where parents are reckoned to be transgenders, the reality show under the title “Becoming Us” was put to broadcast on the ABC Family channel back to the middle of June in the antecedent year. Since then no more sequential chapters have been developed by the original production company of this project named Ryan Seacrest Productions that has been in a tight collaboration with Three Sisters Inc. One available chapter is composed of ten full episodes.

Regarding the key idea of the reality project

The central characters of this TV show are two teens who has lost their hearts with each other. Being head over heels in love, a boy and girl named Ben and Danielle seem to be a common case of the first love. Going to the same high school and building up plans for the future, they couldn’t even imagine that they would encounter such a great ordeal.
What is that ordeal in fact? The sad fact is that Ben has become acknowledged that his father has turned to a transgender making himself a woman under the name Carly. The difficulty of this situation is that Ben has to face challenges at school as well as at home now being unfortunately unable to cope with them on his own.
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Danielle comes to be a true friend to Ben helping him cooperating with his parents to ride the whirlwind. Danielle’s father came out prior to the series’ premiere by the way. The action of the serial is set in Evanston, Illinois.

Receiving a constructive feedback on the serial

As the theme depicted here is considered to be quite popular nowadays, what has been required from this project is the existence of some peculiarities in order to make the project unique in its nature. This challenge was accepted by the developers with which they coped brilliantly.
This uniqueness is that the action is brought from two different points – one that a child possesses and one of the parents’ ownership. This feature has been highly evaluated by critics as well as by common viewers.
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Being on the edge of cancellation

The fact is quite pronounced that there is much drama in the show but as the matter stands, the ratings are rather middling in general. However, this cannot be the reason for cancelling the story.
The current posture of affairs offers us not quite inspiring news. The serial has not been revived yet by its developers. Consequently, there is nothing to say about the Becoming Us season 2 release date. In any case there should exist a hope that the serial will be given a new lease of life in the future.


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