Beach Flip Season 2

Renovation of houses is not a rare theme among the variety that is portrayed in the modern shows. However, this one is unique depicting the four teams competing at renovating rundown waterfront bungalows with outdated d?cor. The series is new and is waiting for the announcement of its renewal for the second chapter.

Brief review

Aired on HGTV in the USA, the series under the title “Beach Flip” is a competitive show but not a simple one. The tasks here involve waterfront bungalows renovations.
Home design, in general, is a popular theme for various shows and thus in demand of the audience. Such project as Ellen’s Design Challenge and Brother vs. Brother prove this fact according to the general manager of HGTV and DIY Network named Allison Page.
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The team of experts in renovation includes such celebrities as Nicole Curtis, Josh Temple, and David Bromstad. They are always ready to lend a helping hand to the participants providing them and at the same time the audience with useful tips.
The first and so far the latest debut took place in the preceding July. As you see, this July is not going to gladden us with new episodes. We can only hope that the revival of the show is transferred at least to this upcoming autumn.

What is the concept?

There are four teams guided by the aforementioned hosts of the show. All of them are united in one goal – to present the unique design of rundown waterfront bungalows and bring their marvelous ideas to life successfully. The hosts come here also as judges who define the fate of participants.
This challenge is not easy to perform, as it might seem at first blush. Loud wall colors, awkward layouts, etc. should be turned into spectacular properties in just two months. Is this enough period? Surely not, that’s why our heroes should hurry up and apply as many fantastic ideas as they can.

What was renovated in the pioneer season?

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In the first cycle of episodes, the participants of the show are destined to redesign the bedrooms. As the time for renovation is over, David Bromstad comes to evaluate the general look, as well as the smart decisions in design. What team will be the winner? Pursuing to get to know this, let’s follow the available first installment.

When can we expect the appearance of the second installment?

The fact is such that we should face up to the absence of info regarding the show revival for the second season. Though ratings are high in general, there is still a hope that the developers just need some time in order to create another season adding some new ideas to it. In any case, it is much more probable that these ideas exist and they are just waiting for their triumph when the developers will bring them into life.
Therefore, we recommend you staying tuned, as the Beach Flip season 2 release date can emerge in the near future together with the official resumption for the second installment.


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