BBQ Pitmasters Season 8

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General Overview

BBQ Pitmasters is a popular reality TV series created in the USA. It follows the cooks and the way they make barbecue. They pass through different competitions for cash and different prizes.
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The premiere episode appeared on TLC channel in December 2009. Episode number eight (the first season) was filmed in an unusual way. It looked like a reality and a documentary at the same time. It filmed different BBQ teams from different parts of the country competing in various contests.
The second season first appeared in August 2010. It was a new format of the show with new unpredictable competitions and new prizes. Four teams took part in the project during the week. The challenges demanded exotic dishes and not only common protein. Then, the winners of the week passed through challenges face to face to fight for the prize of $100,000.
In January 2012, filming of the third season was finally confirmed. It started in April 2012 on Destination America.
In May 2014, Destination America presented new reality TV series and called it BBQ Pit Wars. The airing started in May 2014. It was made in that old reality-documentary format of the eighth episode of the first season (due to the viewers’ votes on the official webpage). Now the four teams participate in regional and national BBQ competitions. They get prizes and a chance to become officially approved BBQ masters.
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The 7th season of the show has already been filmed, but what about the 8th one? Scroll down to know more.

Plot summary and the participants

This reality TV program is about top cook teams participating in competitions trying to create the best BBQ meal. The participants come from all corners of the US for the grand BBQ championships. There are several professional judges. They score the food paying attention to the taste and tenderness of meat. The team that gets more points passes to the new step in the competition getting closer to the prize. Grand champions win large sums of money and cool prizes.
The judges are Aaron Franklin, Tuffy Stone and Myron Mixon. The directors of the series are Eddie October, Jordan J. Mallari, J.L. Botelho and Eric G. Duncan.
There’s no official info on the 8th season of the reality project and changes in the cast and crew are quite possible.
BBQ Pitmasters Season 8 Cast

Interesting facts and opinions

The show is not losing its popularity because of the unusual format. It’s not a typical cooking show, it turns BBQ into a competitive type of sport.

What about the eighth season?

There was no info on the official release date of season 8, but the show is not losing popularity and the renewal is quite possible! The fans are looking forward to it, what about you? Follow the news with us!


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