BattleBots Season 3

Battlebots is getting back! The original show was released by Comedy Central. There it passed through seven successful seasons. The show was launched in 1999 and quickly became a primetime series on the channel. In 12 years ABC decided to revive the project. They picked up the original idea and added some freshness to it.  This robot combat project was supported by Whalerock Industries together with the owners of the original idea of BattleBots – Ed Roski and Greg Munson. Lloyd Braun is the executive producer of the show.

New Show

BattleBots Season 3 Poster
The new variant of BattleBots also features homemade robots. They battle against each other. The robots get successively eliminated after every tournament. Everything ends up until a champion is left. The franchise is brought to life years after and of course, it’s getting back with lots of new bigger, faster and stronger robots. They are more technologically advanced and powerful. New BattleBots concentrated on elements of the design and unique powerful elements of every robot participating in the project. The battles are mixed with backstories of robots, showing the process of their creation and commentaries of the owners. This makes the show a lot more spectacular and realistic and the same time. Yeah, and the main aim here is to get a nice cash prize.

Tournaments & Robots

The robots are separated according to their weight. Then these separate classes start battling against each other. (It was the same with the original version released by Comedy Central. The robots were separated on Lightweight, Middleweight, Heavyweight and Superheavyweight).
BattleBots Season 3 Promo
The robots destroy each other battling in matches lasting for three minutes each. People have no chance to enter the ring in time of the battle – the robot must finish the match on its own. If it can’t leave the ring on its own, it gets eliminated. Special cameras and technologies are used to carry out the analytics of the combat.

MGM TV Version

MGM Television deals with international development together with Whalerock Industries. Some time ago Discovery Channel tried to release a series basing on the same idea. They called it Robogeddon, but the show didn’ get as much success as the original one. Was produced by James Cameron and Mark Burnett.

Release Date

Unfortunately, the release date of season 3 hasn’t been announced yet. But the delighted audience is waiting for the continuation of one of the top rated projects of ABC channel.


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