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Almost every successful man of the world is accompanied by a loving woman. The world of sportsmen is full of intrigues and, sometimes, troublesome relationships. Basketball Wives shows it at its best. It’s about women’s life closely and romantically connected to those of their husbands and boyfriends’ dealing with one of the hardest sports. The show (the LA spin-off) started airing on the 23rd of September 2015. The original release of Basketball Wives was on the 29th of August 2011. The project is now in its 5th season that started on the 17th of July 2016. Aired on VH1.


It’s a non-scripted project about lives of real people in real life circumstances. It’s about personal part of life of NBA players. It’s about their wives and girlfriends constantly living under their husbands’ fame. They never try to hold back their temper showing off real emotions.
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The ladies get abroad together with their well-known successful husbands experiencing tensions in mutual relationships between each other. These tensions generally end up in real explosive showdowns. They test their friendship and loyalty while passing through a number of problems and complications connected with family life and health.
Quite a number of scandals is demonstrated throughout the project. Some of the ladies often express negative attitude for no reason. They talk about sex and dirty things making others feel uncomfortable. However, there’s always someone ready to help and shut down the conflict calming everyone down.
Some of the participants (Brandi Maxiell, for example) aren’t sure they’re going to get back for Basketball Wives LA because of a number of scandals. Some of the ladies finally become powerful members of the group after a long period of playing the role of “fresh blood” in the series. Duffy, a newcomer, makes a first try to combine her family and business affairs. Jackie Christie, Doug’s wife (the one present there from the very first season) finally manages to get in contact with other members of the group. However, she’s prone to constant drama, will she be able to keep it going this way?
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The Participants of Season 5

  • Brandi Maxiell not sure, if she’s willing to get back to LA because of Shaunie and their explosive conflict in Puerto Rico. Will she have enough courage to get back to the project?
  • Malaysia Pargo bears the hardships of being a single mom trying to date and somehow improve her personal life.
  • Duffey – a newcomer trying to find herself in the company of contrasting ladies.
  • DeJuan Blair – Angel Brinks’ good friend. Her negative attitude to the rules often affects the show. Will she be able to hold back her temper?
  • Jackie Christie is fond of drama. One of the most prominent women on the show. Will she have enough patience to keep it going till the end?
  • Duffey – another newcomer in the show doing her best to get reputation and become successful both in her professional and personal life.

Release Date

The show is currently in its 5th season and there’s no news about possible releases. Season 6 release date is to be confirmed and scheduled.


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