Basketball Wives: LA Season 5

Here we are to follow the lives of loving partners of the most famous basketball players. The show is long-running and is officially renewed for the fifth installment. Let’s arm ourselves with patience and wait for the announcement of the exact launch date. So, follow us and you will be in the swim every day.

Brief review

Following this project, you are dealing with a reality show by America production accessible on the VH1 channel.
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The series is a spinoff of the main project of the franchise called simply as Basketball Wives. As the title says, the action and heroes are from Los Angeles.
The team of executives includes the employees of  Shed Media that are such ones as Pam Healey, Lisa Shannon, Sean Rankine, Mark Seliga and Amanda Scott. From the home channel, the executive team is presented by Susan Levison, Jill Holmes, Fernando Mills and Laurel Stier.
The first debut of the show was held in August 2011. As for the release of the main project, it had been aired in the timeframe between 2010 and 2013 years.

What is portrayed there?

The title of the given story gives a summary look at the whole project. Thus, just taking a look at it, we become sure that the series revolves certainly around wives and girlfriends of basketball players.
These wives are rather dynamic women. Their lives, both personal and professional including the relationships with their partners, come to be depicted and consequently shown to the public.

The latest installment

The fourth chapter saw the light of day in the previous July with the final episodes bowing out already in fall 2015.
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In that cycle, we were fortunate enough to follow Draya Michele, Malaysia Pargo, Brandi Maxiell, and Jackie Christie as they come back to the series. The beloved Queen Bee and Executive Producer Shaunie O’Neal joined the crew also.
That season was reckoned to be the most exciting as the average amount of viewership was evaluated at about 2 million people. Thus, the series is enjoying healthy ratings though it is a long-running one and could have become tiresome for watchers. As a kind of conclusion, the series is worth its development. But how are things with the renewal for the fifth cycle?

Catching up with the news

The news is such that the series resumption is already a determined question. We mean here that the series regular season, this time equaling number four, is going to take place in the near future.
The inspiration for the early announcement made as far back as in the previous September was nothing but a high ranking level. What has been noted as the concrete advantage is the impressive performance and charisma of the main heroines of the show.
The Basketball Wives: LA season 5 release date is not known so far, regretfullu but we can expect its appearance in the very near future if the launch of the new chapter is planned to be held int his upcoming autumn. So, follow us and you will be in the swim every day.


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