Balls Deep Season 3

An international television channel Viceland, which became a rather famous one long ago, has recently released its one more show that immediately gained an immense popularity among the audience. This is about the show Balls Deep, which has been successfully broadcasted since 2015. The second season has not ended yet, but and the audience is already wondering when the renewed Balls Deep will return. Release date of season three hasn’t been mentioned by the authors yet, but its soon coming would be quite a predictable event. The next new episode is sure to air as soon as all the conventions complied with.

Series Developers

The first season start took place on February 9, 2016; the second season air date was set for October 27, 2016. But before official parts were released the show had been broadcasting from 2007 to 2012 as web series, which later was turned into a full-format program.
The host and the main cast of this Canadian-American project is Thomas Morton, a writer and editor for the US. The crew of the following executive producers helps him in making the series:

  • Lauren Cynamon;
  • Dominic Musacchio;
  • Alec Macrae and others.

The network broadcasting Balls Deep and responsible for all the air dates is Viceland, which has already become a respected and world famous TV channel.

About the Series

Thomas Morton, a Viceland’s correspondent, travels around the world finding various interesting stories and trying to take part in different unusual events. This man shows the viewers how people live not only in developed countries but also on the little-known and unpopular territories. Morton joins in different activities, and sometimes his study goes so far that it’s simply hard for the viewer to believe in such a correspondent’s desire to show a particular atmosphere as vividly as possible.
Balls Deep Season 3 Spoiler
There is still no definite information concerning what the second season premiere will be connected with. But the public hopes that when new season debuts it will tell about completely different situations able to attract everybody’s attention.

Chances for Series Renewal

The finale rating of Balls Deep on IMDB is of 7.8/10. This result is likely to be enough for the creators to renew the show for another part. The following third season release date is still unknown to the audience, so stay tuned to be aware that the latest part of the program is not the last and to get necessary information about when season two will be launched, about the plot of the project and the schedule of its future episodes.


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