Badlands, Texas Season 2

Following the current posture of affairs with the new series under the title “Badlands, Texas”, we have nothing so far to put you wise about. The newcomer is still waiting for the verdict that should be returned by the producers of the serial home channel titled National Geographic Channel.

Some basic details about the serial

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Badlands, Texas is presented as a crime doc series fabricated in the USA and put to broadcast specifically on National Geographic Channel. The serial is considered to be so far a newcomer on television being released since the end of November of the previous year. So at the present moment, the fan base garnered by the series is now in possession of only one pioneer season which production is a feather in the cap of the members of the team named Original Productions. The shooting of the documentary project was held in Texas particularly in Terlingua.

What do the watchers of the series follow?

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Terlingua is reckoned to be a small town which inhabitants can be counted on one hand. These residents are oddballs and freedom is reckoned to be of great importance for them. So it turns to be obvious that these people know each other inside out. They lead a settled and peaceful life. But it has been as such before one terrible thing happened. This is a strange and horrifying murder case. So this earlier well-consolidated community has fractured. People embark on suspecting each other of committing this horrible crime. The members of the community come to be ruptured. And there is no hoping now that life there will resume its natural course.
Each episode includes mainly the commentaries from immediate real inhabitants of this tiny place. Additionally, some marvelous shots of this Texas town are made.
The very idea of the serial was not so highly accepted by the residents of the town as they consider it an attempt to use this tragic event to the producers’ advantage. It is curious that some people were refraining from taking part in the documentary serial.

Prospects concerning the renewal

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The fans of the show have only one question that is worrying them indeed. This question is that whether the project is going to return to screens in the form the sophomore chapter.
Though we have a closure in the case depicted in the pioneer season, it doesn’t, in fact, signify that the serial should be brought to the end as there are a lot of other places included in the not so much inhabited territories of Badlands in Texas that are full of other mysteries waiting for exploration.
Though the opening season is already released, no information about the possibility of the resumption of the show has appeared. The developers are keeping mum which can be considered as quite suspicious. Does it mean that the project is on the edge of being canceled? Let’s hold out hope that we are following a wrong direction of the thought. In any case, we should wait till the official news about cancellation or the Badlands, Texas season 2 release date is obtained.


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