Ax Men Season 10

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General Overview

It’s a popular American reality TV project about real life adventures of people with a highly dangerous occupation. The show is aired by the American History Channel. The first episode of Ax Men was released on the 9th of March, 2008. It is now in it’s 9th season. The idea belongs to Original Productions together with Geoff Miller and Sarah Whalen. The executive producers of the show are Thom Beers and Jeff Meredith.
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Plot, Format and Crew Details

Ax Men is a non-scripted project. The series is concentrated on American timber cutters from the Pacific Northwest of the USA. The deal with logging, which is hard and sometimes extremely dangerous. Several crews from Washington, Oregon, Montana, Florida and Louisiana rivers face the dangers of logging business (aqua logging, horse logging, Wheeler logging, Willet Logging, etc.) and getting old sunken logs out of the wild rivers using boats and barges. They use helicopters to lift the logs. They sometimes have to ride horses in order to pull the logs and heavy machinery in order to find the way in deep American forests. They face alligators and water snakes.
Here’s the full list of participants (includes former and current cast):

  • Browning
  • Pihl
  • Gustafson
  • Stump Branch
  • Rygaard
  • S&S
  • Conner
  • Swamp Man
  • Collins
  • Papac
  • Lemare
  • Big Gun
  • H. Horse
  • Siderius
  • Uncle Buck
  • Wheeler
  • Willett
  • Dreadknots
  • Wisconsin Woodchuck
  • Chapman
  • Ax Cut
  • Oakes
  • Zitterkopf
  • Gary & Eddie

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Release Date

The producers have already promised a new cycle of the Ax Men but say nothing about the official release date of the 10th season, so we’ll have to wait. The show always demonstrated growing ratings though the reviews have been quite mixed due to the legal actions against the project and tragic deaths of some of the participants (Jimmy Smith and Bart Colantuono). The ninth season is on the go and we surely are going to expect the continuation next year. If you know more, share it in the comments down below and don’t forget to subscribe to the news!


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