Autopsy: The Last Hours Of Season 7

The world of TV celebrities has experienced lots of shocking events. The fans endured tragic deaths of Robin Williams, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Winehouse, Heath Ledger, Elvis Presley and many others. Most cases are still an enigma leading the fans to most unpredictable ideas. This show will finally give you the answers to most of the questions asked. Some of the rumors will be wiped away and heartbroken fans will have a chance to follow the events of the last days of their favorite TV stars. These events led to tragic consequences and the hosts of the show will share their knowledge on the facts and real, intimate info on the way these celebrities lived and the way they died.

The Crew

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The portraits of dead celebrities are recreated by a team of experienced professionals:

  • Richard Shepherd – he’s a pathologist dealing with the factual causes of death.
  • Anjula Mutanda – a psychologist.
  • Mark Ryder – Crime Scene Detective.

The narrator of those tragic and heart touching stories is Iain Glen. Earlier it was Steven Mackintosh.

What Do We Get from the Show?

  • Autopsy results and proved medical facts that sometimes may feel unpleasant and disturbing.
  • Info on the relationships with family and friends.
  • Love affairs.
  • Character, bad habits and general behavior in the society.
  • A full overview of all possible events that could lead to the tragic death.
  • Very intimate life portrait.

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Reception and Release Date of the 7th Season

Autopsy: The Last Hours Of is in its 6th season and it’s still highly popular being quite controversial at times due to the moral issues. Some of the viewers find the show depressing and disrespectful to those whom they loved and sincerely appreciated since childhood. However, the facts revealed through the TV investigation are too attractive to stop watching every upcoming episode. The project started on the 7th of January 2014 revealing the possible reasons of Michael Jackson’s death. It immediately captured the viewers’ attention and from that very moment until now it has never stopped getting growing ratings. The 7th season will certainly get back to your TV screens, but the release date isn’t scheduled.


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