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Survivor is a long-lasting and successful TV franchise based on a reality competition series. The format was sold all over the world and the show is released in a number of countries. Every new episode of the show concentrates on a group of people sent to an isolated place. They have to survive there providing themselves with food, water and shelter. The contestants regularly participate in the challenges to get rewards and immunities or to be eliminated. The participants of the project are eliminated successfully throughout the show. It happens in the end of each episode where the members of the “tribe” vote for those that they want to eliminate. The last of the contestants, the one who wins, is named the "Sole Survivor" and gets an award.
The project passed through a number of revivals and this last one became a success. Let’s see how it all started and what’s the idea of the original project.
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The very first Australian version of Survivor format was created in 2001 and released in 2002. The release was carried out by Nine Network. Unfortunately, the show was criticized for poor cast and cheap production value in comparison with the original American project with the same title (released in 1997). Low ratings made the renewal impossible.
Survivor in its American version was aired on Australian television until 2006. Then, one of the Australian channels, the Seven Network channel, tried to create the same project with celebrities participating. However, the celebrity version was not renewed for season 2.
In autumn of 2015, Network Ten announced that it would give Australian Survivor the second chance. The first season premiere was set for the summer of 2016.


Survivor, created in different countries and produced by numerous TV channels has the same basic idea. 16-20 contestants participate in the game. They are the castaways divided into tribes. They live in the camps they create on their own separated from each other. The filming is usually done in a tropical setting. The participants have to survive hardships of finding food and fresh water, constructing shelters and protecting themselves from bad weather, animals and injuries. They are in constant search of life necessities throughout the game.
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American version lasts for 39 days. Shortest version is French one – 20 days. Longest one lasts for 134 days (Turkish edition). From the very beginning of the game, the tribes pass through challenges to be rewarded with food or extra luxury items that are usually not allowed. Some members of the tribe get an immunity not to be eliminated in time of the next Tribal Council. In the end of each episode, members of the tribe vote for those whom they want to eliminate explaining their choice.
In the second part of the show, the number of the participants gets so small, that the tribes are united into one. Now they have to pass through individual challenges.
The last two or three participants remain. They meet the jury at the last Tribal Council. Jury declares the winner.

Second Season Release Date

The second revival of Survivor turned out to be extremely successful. The producers are now thinking about the continuation and castings are already held. Another season is planned to be aired by Network Ten Channel somewhere in 2017. The next second season air date should be scheduled. If you know the news about when Australian Survivor will be released, leave it in the comments below.


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