Australia`s Got Talent Season 9

As an Australian part of the universal idea brought to life in various countries around the globe, Australia’s Got Talent has been launched for eight times, as for now. The latest season release date is February 1, 2016. The first premiere is dated back to 2011.
The competition where people with multiple talents fight for the main prize has been airing always on the Nine Network channel in Australia.
The show is produced by two companies entitled FreMantle Australia and SYCOtv. The perfect presentation is possible thanks to the charismatic cast of Simon Cowell, Ken Warwick, C?cile Frot-Coutaz, and Jason Raff.
Australia's Got Talent Season 9 Cast
Within these several years of broadcast, many hosts and judges have been constantly replaced by newcomers. The current panel of judges includes the following names:

  • Kelly Osbourne,
  • Ian “Dicko” Dickson,
  • Sophie Monk,
  • Eddie Perfect.

As for the Concept

The general concept should be known to everyone, as we believe. The competition serves to find the most talented people of the country. The participants of the show go through various rounds showing their skills in various spheres. The most popular are dancing and singing. Yet with each new episode, we come to the understanding that there are much more fields where people can develop themselves. Sometimes, the performance is so hazardous that cannot be watched by people with weak hearts. Yet the judges are ready for any case.
Australia's Got Talent Season 9 Spoiler
The main prize of the show is $250,000. It is worth struggling for it. Even if you fail, you will be given an opportunity to obtain your brush with fame on TV, at least.

What are Rating Figures?

The long history of the project has influenced the level of ratings, unfortunately. As for the info from the latest season premiere, the viewership hardly reached the point of 1 million watchers though the previous installments had maintained the level of 1.5 million viewers. This is rather sad and can make the developers doubt as for the worthiness of the further production. What is your personal point-of-view towards this issue? When will the revival become a confirmed matter? Will the ninth season air date be announced ever? How do you think?
In any case, we should wait for the official news. Keep your chin up, as the opportunity that the verdict can be rendered in the favor of the project still exists. Stay tuned for updates concerning this universally beloved show!


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