Atlanta Plastic Season 3

Even the title tells us what the series is going to be about if we choose to watch it. Three plastic surgeons are always to satisfy their clients’ requests no matter what they are. The reality story is new. The following third part is to be announced so far. Thus, let’s keep our ears out for any changes in the situation with the project.

Brief review

To begin with, we should make a note that speaking about this project, we are not dealing with just a show for amusement – we are following the documentary series.
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The hosts of the show are three professionals – Atlanta African-American plastic surgeons. However, let’s not put all cards on the table as we are getting right on the mission of clarifying all production and broadcast aspects.
There two seasons now available on various online resources for viewers throughout the world. The first one debuted amidst summer 2015 while the second one was given a start on March 25, 2016, thus a little bit earlier than it had been expected. Consequently, the ratings should be on the high level if the series is picked up for another installment. The second installment included 12 episodes. The fabrication of the show is behind Intuitive Entertainment.

Following the concept

The above-mentioned physicians are working to satisfy all requirement of their wealthy clients who are anxious to make their bodies perfect. They embark on all cases from breast augmentations to Brazilian butt lifts.
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The series stars Nicky Minaj, Beyonc?, and other celebrities. The clients are mostly African-Americans and Latinas. They have a different standard of beauty. For example, hip liposuction is not desirable by any woman from those races, as in both cultures a full figured woman is considered to be sexy

Following the latest events

The sophomore season came to show Mimi and Tina as they are willing to transform their bodies undergoing the entire range of risky surgeries. They are brave ladies but is it so necessary to put their life at stake lying under the knife? In any case, we are not to judged them. It is their own choice.
Dr. Wright Jones, Dr. Marcus Crawford, and Dr. Aisha McKnight-Baron will do their best in order to make them satisfied in the result.

What is to be said regarding ratings and the renewal possibility?

Atlanta Plastic Season 3 Cast
The series ratings are not so much impressive and this is quite explainable. Not all people living in the U.S. and other countries are the followers of plastic surgery if it is not necessary to fall back on it really.
This remains a controversy. Nevertheless, the show has been running for two seasons already. The average amount of viewers equals 1 million people now. And this is great indeed for such a show and it seems that we will get another season next year.
There is no info about the resumption, as well as surely about the Atlanta Plastic season 3 release date. It can appear only in 2017 but stay tuned as the renewal can be confirmed this year.


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