Apr?s Ski Season 2

The series under the title “Apr?s Ski” is considered to be a newcomer on Bravo, the channel is fully packed with various shows of both amusing and insightful types. This one is referred to these two categories at once. The series resumption is, however, questionable. So, stay tuned, as info can become clarified at any moment now.

Brief review of a newcomer on Bravo

The series entitled as “Apr?s Ski” is a fresh addition to the programming list on Bravo. The channel broadcasted it in the previous November. This pioneer season is so far the latest one but we hold out hope that it will be not final one and the renewal will be confirmed in the future.
Apr?s Ski Season 2 Poster
The team of executives working hard on this project is composed of Jeff Hevert and Kevin Lee. They are the spearheads and inspirers of the project. The fabrication company is Tricon Films & Television.

Concept summary

The real life story is set in famous ski resort town of Whistler, British Columbia. The series focuses on depicting the both personal and professional sides of life of the employees working at this resort. The undertaking that is created for tourists is called Gibbons Life.
The client of this resort is wealthy people who know what they want and much often it present a rather difficult challenge to fulfill all their desires. But these employees are professionals in their sphere and we cannot but expect the high level of service from them.

To make a long story short, ski vacations there are luxurious and the unforgettable time spending is guaranteed if you visit this resort.

What are the ratings?

The ambitious and charismatic team of the show that supplies the clients of their ski resort has not contributed to the success of the series. It is evaluated as something average and half-baked.
Getting into the particulars, we should define the amount of viewership. So, according to the official data, it is 0.47 million viewers as for the info received after the release of the first episode. The chances of the renewal are so far practically equal with the average scoring on IMDb constituting only 4.8 points out of 10.
The reviews given by critics, as well as by ordinary watchers are lukewarm in the majority of cases though in general, they are controversial.
Apr?s Ski Season 2 Cast

Chances of renewal

As far as the renewal is concerned, we are dealing now with the series undefined status. So, the show is on the hook being yet to be either canceled or renewed for the second installment. But what are predictions?
The thing is that the project next chapter can appear at the close of this upcoming autumn as the first one emerged in November. The Apr?s Ski season 2 release date remains an object about which loyal followers of the show are worrying now. Stay tuned in order to be notified timely about any updates if you are one those loyal followers of the project. So, follow our service and you will be in the swim.


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