Answered Prayers Season 2

The TLC channel is yet to confirm the second cycle of Answered Prayers. Is it to be launched ever? Or is the cancellation much more probable? What are the reasons for such a delay? Let’s discuss all these issues right now.

Project Outline

Answered Prayers is a fresh thought on American television presenting stories, inspiring and mostly unexplainable in their core. The series about modern miracles is a product of LightWorkers Media that is considered a division of United Artists Media Group, a newly formed joint venture between MGM, Mark Burnett, Roma Downey and Hearst Entertainment.
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The executives behind the project are Tom Shelly, Roma Downey, and Mark Burnett. The first premiere is dated back to July 26, 2015. Regretfully, the producers of the TLC channel are yet to announce the launch of the second cycle of episodes. We hope for the best, as world miracles are not restricted to those depicted in the first season of the show.

Ordinary People and Extraordinary Situations

What is the most incredible event in your life? What twists in the fate have happened to you? Well, they should be inexplicable as the stories portrayed in this show.
Actress Roma Downey arranges interviews with people who turn to experience the most amazing life miracles. They cannot be described in terms of logics or science and can be related to divine interventions.
The thrilling events and situations, as well as a happy outcome from all of them, are what is considered to be inspiring for the audience. Sometimes when you feel like there is no way out and you lose your last hope for the best future, a miracle can happen and everything turns to be improved.

Offering Some Specifics

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What exact situations are shown? In the first season, we meet a mother who hears a divine voice telling her in which way to protect her children from a natural disaster; a couple who is forced to face a decision after their son is injured in a terrible car crash; and a young boy who has been buried for hours under eleven feet of sand. This is incredible indeed. You will never know what can happen to you tomorrow but life can direct you by delivering little hints to you on how to act. So, follow your intuition always!

Rating and Renewal Potential

What is the future of Answered Prayers? How can we define the perspectives? Well, the situation is much controversial. The far premiere of the first chapter leads us to a sad thought that the story is destined to be canceled now. In any case, we have no explanation why the developers are not in a hurry to announce the next debut. The score on IMDB is decent enough proposing 7.8 points out of 10.
To make a long story short, the audience should wait for the official news no matter whether they are supposed to be sad or inspiring. The Answered Prayers season 2 release date is not near in coming until the resumption is announced.
What is our personal opinion towards this project? Do you feel that the stories presented on the show are real? Share your point-of-view with us by means of leaving your comments below.


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