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TV projects about animals and wildlife are beloved by both adults and children. Such programs have always had a calming effect and helped to relax. But nobody can watch how some animals suffer, and to fix it and to demonstrate their skills decided the experts of veterinary clinic “The Mayo Clinic” taking part in the new series “Animal ER”. The fans of the program who watched the first season are excited about what these doctors do. Their work deserves respect, and the audience waiting for the continuation is referring to the authors of the project with the following question: when will “Animal ER” season 2 premiere? Release Date is yet to be announced and the public hope for soon return of new episode.

Creators Crew

Animal ER Season 2 Cast
The first season release date took place on September 10, 2016. The main authors of the series are Howard T. Owens, Ben Silverman, Brett Patrick Jenkins, Jenny Apostol and Richard Hall. The producing company is Propagate Content, and the channel broadcasting “Animal ER” is Nat Geo Wild, a famous network about wildlife.
Season 1 consisted of 6 episodes and each episode lasted about 45 minutes. The number of episodes of coming season two is unknown yet and the public is waiting for any announcements with great tension.

Cast and Brief Review

All the action takes place in the US veterinary clinic located on the Gulf of Mexico Coast. The most important participants of the project are absolutely different animals that need help and get to the hospital. These are both exotic and unusual representatives of wildlife and ordinary home pets. The staff of veterinary clinic “The Mayo Clinic” is very large and has 235 employees who are always ready to help the injured and affected animals. The doctors courageously take for the most severe cases and perform miracles saving poor creatures and thus pleasing the audience.
6 episodes were presented during season 1, and among the most interesting cases the audience remembered the following:
Animal ER Season 2 Spoiler

  • a suffering Bengali tiger who needs surgery;
  • a cockatiel experiencing problems with its breath;
  • a labrador with a tumor close to its brain with the necessity of surgery.

The main specialists of the clinic who carry out most serious cases are Dr. Brian Beale (an orthopedic surgeon), Danielle Inman (an expert in wild animals) and Dr. Heidi Hottinger (a surgeon).

Prospects of Possible Renewal

The viewers’ expectations are quite predictable: the popularity of only one season of the project made the audience all over the world impatiently wait for the renewed season air date. The show is likely to be continued soon and everyone believes that the creators will announce the next season premiere date as soon as possible.


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