Andrew Zimmern`s Driven By Food Season 2

Those programs that tell of journeys to all the corners of the earth have always aroused interest among the public. It’s so exciting to observe the life of other nations, such as the East, sitting at home in the West of the planet. Andrew Zimmern decided to help the viewers in this and came to a conclusion to create a show that afterwards gained a lot of popularity among the audience. After a well-known Travel Channel ended the broadcasting of season 1, the fans of the series constantly send the creators question like the following: when does Andrew Zimmern’s Driven By Food season 2 premiere? Release date of season two is yet to be announced, but the viewers believe that the coming of a renewed series will not take long time and the continuation will not be less interesting than any previous episode.

Cast and Creators

Andrew Zimmern's Driven By Food Season 2 Poster
The host of the program is Andrew Zimmern, an American chef and showman. He created this show almost himself and is responsible for all the events taking place on the screen.
The crew of executive producers includes the following personalities:

  • Andrew Zimmern (he is both the author of the idea and a producer);
  • Liz Tracy;
  • Dan O’Brien.

The series is broadcast on Travel Channel famous for its various stories about travelers and their adventures. The company producing the project and presenting every season air date is Intuitive Content. The first new episode of Andrew Zimmern’s Driven By Food was aired on August 16, 2016, and since then it has been released 8 episodes.

Plot Peculiarities

Andrew Zimmern's Driven By Food Season 2 Spoiler
As it is known, to tell of any country best its guide is unable; only the locals can advise the most interesting places to visit, the best cafes and restaurants to spend time, and, of course, the most beneficial markets to buy products. Andrew Zimmern decided to check all of this; he travels around the world and gives the viewers chance to immerse themselves in the previously unknown parts of this or that country with him. The first season premiere took place in Rio de Janeiro, and in the next episodes Andrew visited a variety of cities that differ from one another with location and peculiarities of culture – Chicago (USA), Berlin (German), Medellin (Colombia), Bangkok (Thailand), Nashville, TN (USA), London (England), Hyderabad (India).

Series Ratings

The first season release date was watched by an auditory of 0.399 million viewers, and demo-rating of the series was 0.13. Later this figures increased (0.414 – 0.17). Such interest of the public is a good sign for Andrew; it means that the viewers are waiting for the return of the project and are ready to follow him in his adventures and observe new amazing cities together with the host.


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