Ancient Aliens Season 12

What do you think of extraterrestrial visitors of our Earth? Do you believe in such theories? Or are you skeptical about that? This docuseries is determined to present as much evidence of the extraterrestrial trace as possible. If you a follower of such a questionable topic, this show is for you. Eleven seasons are already waiting for you on online resources.

Brief Review

Premiering for the first time in 2010 following the pilot episode in 2009, the docuseries has eleven seasons produced by Prometheus Entertainment. The leader of executives is Kevin Burns while Robert Clotworthy provides us with narration.
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The broadcast has been held always on History Channel. The latest season has premiered in this May 2016.

Give a Chance to Highly Questionable Theories

If you have decided to watch this series, you are ready to pull back your disbeliefs concerning the issue for a little while and accept the extraterrestrial as they are. Surely, after watching the project you are in the right to keep standing to your own skeptical thoughts but in any case, your opinions about the whole world will be never the same.
So, the audience of the docuseries is to suggest that such things Aleister Crowley, Nazi SS, sphinx, mummies, Grigori Rasputin should be all connected to extraterrestrial visitors in some way.
The eleventh season was opened with the depiction of structures found in Antarctica. According to the extraterrestrial theory, they are also alien-related.
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Audience Feedback

The series has given a certain reason for criticism when appearing on screens for the first time. It is blamed for promoting a far-fetched pseudo-historical approach. The science does not support the theories shown in Ancient Aliens. This, however, does not influence the popularity of the documentary, as the audience, as you know, needs a good portion of unknown mysteries. This is a key to the show favorable acceptance. H
It is curious enough that the scientific docuseries fail to garner the same rating figures as this one that is not based on approved theories. Ancient Aliens has gathered 1 million watchers per episode. This more than enough in order to speak about the following installments. What is your opinion towards this docuseries? Let us know in the comments below.

Can We Expect the Renewal?

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The developers have failed to make any statements regarding the docuseries future. Yet we are almost sure that there is nothing to worry about. The chances of the resumption are high enough due to the popularity and a great interest from the audience side.
Surely, the Ancient Aliens season 12 release date is far in coming out. We may expect it only in early spring 2017. Keep your ears out for updates if you want to get to know about the future of the show.
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