Amish Mafia Season 5

The series is a reality project with a truly unique idea for depiction which involves the Amish community striving for idyllic existence with God and Amish Mafia that is struggling for it carrying lynch on criminals. The series is now next door to cancellation, regretfully but let’s follow the news in the case of positive changes.

Show summary

The variety of projects aired on Discovery Channel is imposing including those that are hitting the small screen, as well as those that are of a middling type. Amish Mafia is the one that conveys the unique ideas and that’s why can be referred to the pile of popular projects.
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The reality show in its nature, the series is produced by Eric Evangelista, the director as well as an executive together with Gabe Cunningham (Hardcore Pawn, Property Wars), Shannon Evangelista (Escaping Alaska, The Pioneers), Dolores Gavin (Sons of Guns, Ice Road Truckers), Matthew Kelly (Gold Fever), and Billy Murphy (Amish Haunting).
The producers opened the show for the first time in December 2012 and since then four full-fledged seasons were given way with each of them comprising ten episodes.

What is depicted there?

The focus of the reality story is the Amish community. Living in seclusion from other people inhabiting the civilized world, the members of this unit are set to be closer to God. Existing in an idyllic closeness to God is thus their goal. Their life is ruled by concrete laws that differ from those we have.
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Amish Mafia is a unit that carries lynch on criminals of the social community who thus stands between them and their connection with God.
The law is that everyone should experience the price for bad actions. Members of the Amish Mafia protect women from violence, destroy cars which owners ignore traffic rules and so one and so forth.
In spite of the fact that the series is reckoned to be a documentary, some scholars, as well newspapers, put this statement to doubt proclaiming this project as an attempt to defame the Amish people.

Some predictions concerning the renewal

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The latest debut was held in the previous year in February and since then nothing has been heard of the show revival. Is that the reason to start worrying about its possibility of future continuation?
The only way out in such kinds of situation is to wait for the official posts from developers which are to state either the renewal or the cancellation. Let’s hope for the positive news to come off as soon as possible since the tension is growing and the creators put the popularity of this show into jeopardy as the followers can find another show that will satisfy their increased interest.
The Amish Mafia season 5 release date remains surely unknown for today and we have nothing to do in fact but to monitor the situation with much prudence though chances of renewal are not great, for the supposed premiere must have been held at the beginning of this year.


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