Amish Haunting Season 2

What does the mystery show serve to narrate about? What are the chances of renewal for the second chapter taking into account the far first premiere in 2014? Well, it is much probable that we won’t watch season 2. However, we may be mistaken, as the cancellation has not been announced yet.

Production Info

Destination America presents another project about the Amish community. In this case, paranormal activities and mysteries come for investigation.
Amish Haunting Season 2 Poster
Eric Evangelista creates the documentary, as it has been called. Anthony D. Call provides us with narration. Hot Snakes Media is the company behind the production.
Among executives, there are Eric Evangelista, Shannon Evangelista, Sara Helman and Mark Marabela. The first debut is dated back on September 14, 2014. Since those times, we have heard nothing of the series future.

Terrifying Mysteries

In this series, paranormal experiences of Amish people come as the theme for depiction. Certain actors and actresses are performing the roles of the members of the Amish community, as photographing are forbidden there by the conservative rules.
The pioneer episode presented a case about an Amish woman delivering a goat baby. The faceless doll has attracted the devil into the house of an Amish family.

True or Exaggerated Paranormal Events?

Though it is considered to be a documentary series, due to the actors performing the roles, the series is not-so-documentary. It is not the first show about Amish people. Various networks have been broadcasted Amish-related projects where the life of the community members is supposed to be shown as it is in reality. Some programs reveal the daily activities and certain traditions of Amish people. This one turns to revolve around Amish hauntings.
This theme has been always compelling for the audience yet the given series has failed to deliver the true stories. The exaggeration and fake are felt while following the episodes. The theatrical manner in which everything is delivered to a viewer cannot but sadden all of us. Additionally, many grave errors have been committed while describing the traditional daily life of the conservative Amish people.

As far as the Resumption is Concerned

The only one release of the docuseries was arranged two years ago. Why should we hope for the appearance of another chapter in the future? In fact, there are no such reasons. The chances of the renewal are slim. Do not waste your time searching for info regarding the second chapter of this documentary. The Amish Haunting season 2 release date is not to be exposed in the near future if ever.
We recommend paying your attention to other shows about paranormal activities, as there are many of them on our service more worthy than this series.
If you have watched this show, let us know in comments below. We will be much pleased if you express your opinion towards this project.


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