America’s Next Top Model Season 23

A rigorous fight for the title of the top model will be continued sometime in the future as the TV show “America’s Next Top Model” is already revived for season 23. The exact period of launching is unknown.

Some principal facts about the show

Have you ever given eyeteeth for becoming a top model? If you have, you are in possession of a brilliant chance to try your fortune at the long-running TV show titled “America’s Next Top Model”. It is a competitive project which purpose is to find the best models. Aired since May 2003, the series has garnered its loyal following, as well as reputation.
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The broadcasting is held now on CW though originally it was the UPN channel. A magnificent and famous American model named Tyra Banks who has been serving as a host as well as a judge there inspires the series.
As for the immediate developers, they are Mok and Kenya Barris. The studios thanks to which the project has been always underway since 2003 are titled 10 by 10 Entertainment and The Tyra Banks Company. As for the executive team, it is compiled of such names as Ken Mok, Tyra Banks, Laura Fuest Silva and Dana Gabrion.

About on-goings in the latest season

The latest season (which number is 22 by the way) was given a summer start at the beginning of August specifically and bowed out already in autumn.
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The usual course of events in the competition was led by Tyra Banks as well. The concept was not changed. Seven men and women had to live in the same house while competing for the title of the top model. These contestants are hailing from various corners of the country. The judging team included again Tyra Banks, Kelly Cutrone, and J. Alexander. T
Let’s say a couple of words about the popularity of this show. Surely, it is more than just averagely evaluated as the amount of cycles speaks for itself indeed. No one would embark on continuing the project if the ratings were not so high. So this is the case in point in fact. But the question is whether this theme for depiction can already become cloying for people. And if yes, is there sense to keep producing this show?

Catching up with the news

America’s Next Top Model Season 23 Cast
We have some news for you that is pursuing to inspire you without any doubts. As we got to know in the previous autumn, the CW channel canceled the series due to ratings declining very strongly reaching only 1 million watchers per episode. For such a popular American channel, this could be perceived as a failure and the developers were not so much willing to struggle for this project deciding to cancel it finally.
However, Tyra Banks has not thrown up her hands managing to find a new home for her project. So now it is VH1. Tyra will keep performing her executive duties but won’t appear on screens in the role of a host and a judge. The question is now who is going to replace her?
The series is already officially revived for cycle 23. But the America’s Next Top Model season 23 release date is yet to be defined. So be in the swim as info can appear any day and at any moment and we should not miss it.


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