American Restoration Season 8

What can the series future be after a complete revamp of it while creating its seventh season? Have the changes worked in favor of the show or not? What are these reinventions? Let’s be consistent enough and start with a giving a summary to the whole project.

All Necessary Facts

This Leftfield Pictures product has been created by executives Brett Montgomery and Colby Gaines, in particular. The series has aired on History Channel since October 2010 and has garnered breathtaking results.
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After the release of the sixth season, the story comes to be completely changed. In what way specifically? What was proposed to us starting from January 2016?

Concept Summary

Let’s describe the original version of the reality story at first. The first six installments were devoted to the antique restoration shop owned by Rick Dale. It is perched in Las Vegas, Nevada. There, his son and all staff working for Rick presented various antique and vintage things, as they restored them to the fresh condition.
Starting from season 7 having appeared in January 2016, the developers alter the concept and participants of the show. From that moment, the ideas have turned to be broadened to the extents of five restoration shops that are situated in various corners of the US country. The range of items for restoration become more diverse also. We find ourselves involved in the world of vintage cars, bikes, multiple household items, awe-inspiring gems, and much more.

A Portion of Criticism

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The agenda is how the audience has received such a full update of the concept. The thing is that Rick Dale has been a beloved character for us since its appearance on Pawn Stars as an expert. The success of his own show has been amazing and now he turns to be eliminated from the show. How have the fans of Rick reacted? Has the disappointment been so deep?
Yes, despite all those changes that have been considered as promising ones, the audience has not received them favorably. Many watchers expressed their frustration refraining from watching their recently beloved story with new characters. These alternations were too sharp for them. Maybe, there was not any sense in making so complete conceptual reboots.

What Should We Expect?

Can we hope for the appearance of another chapter? Surely, we can in spite of those critical views. The changes have been made and there is no way back. The only thing that the developers can do in order to please the audience is to return Rick to the show. It what way it can be accomplished is not known. Nevertheless, the experiment with the latest season has proved that Rick is a pivotal person there.
There has been no news regarding the series fate so far. But we hope for its near appearance, as well as for the exposal of the American Restoration season 8 release date sometime in the future. Stay tuned for updates if you are still a loyal follower of this program.


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