American Pickers Season 16

With bated breath, the fan base of American Pickers is looking forward to the next installment that is yet to be confirmed. It is much more likely that the story will be renewed for season 16. Thus, stay tuned for updates, for they can be near in coming.

Some Basic Moments You Need to Know

The true hit on History Channel, American Pickers serves as a settler on it with fifteen seasons being available on various online resources. The broadcast has been held since 2010. The latest debut has been arranged in this May 2016. The agenda of today is the future of the series. What will it be? Let’s turn to this question sometime later and now as for the crew of developers.
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The series creators present a good team composed of A&E Television Networks, (AP2/AP3/AP4/AP5) Inc. and Cineflix. The concrete names of executives are Charles Tremayne, Mark Poetner, and Mike Wolfe. The latter one serves as the leader of the crew assisted by a co-developer named Stephen Pettinger.


The hosts of the show named Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz are traveling across the country. What are they looking for? For is the purpose of their journeys? Everything becomes clear when getting wise of the sphere of activity of these marvelous guys. The case is that they are antique collectors and things of a great historical value are what they are searching for. They resell them for a higher price then earning their living in such a way.
Meanwhile, the high assistance is coming from Danielle Colby as he coordinates the journeys and serves as a manager of all issues in the two offices perched in LeClaire Iowa and Nashville, Tennessee.
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The findings happen unexpectedly at times when the crew stops at haphazard places following the sixth sense.

Audience Reception is Favorable

Having debuted with 3 million watchers in 2010, the series has kept maintaining the high level of viewership since those times. The decline in ratings has taken place, certainly. Nevertheless, it is not so high. As of today, on average, the series garners the audience of 2.2 million viewers. That is pretty decent in order not to refrain from the idea of developing the following installments.
The commentaries towards the show are more than favorable. The pleasant and friendly, as well as charismatic hosts alongside with exciting adventures when being on the trail of hidden treasures are the obvious advantages of the reality story.
American Pickers Season 16 Cast

High Chances of Renewal

The recent premiere makes us believe in the future of the show. It is obvious that the next installment will be launched but when is the matter of time only.
We may not hold out hope that any kind of announcements concerning the renewal, as well as the American Pickers season 16 release date can be made at the near time though everything is possible. We should monitor the state of affairs with much prudence in order to notify you about any changes in the nick of time.


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