American Grit Season 2

The military survival show is reckoned to be something actually new and unique for the audience. Such experience is a truly rare case and thus, it comes to be followed by many. The second season of this show is already a defined matter. So, let’s wait for the next year premiere.

Production Info

By John Cena’s production, American Grit serves as a competition survival show with a military style. The program is a newcomer in the programming list of the FOX channel. The first and the latest premiere at the same time is dated back to April 2016.
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The rest of the behind-the-scene cast is composed of such names as with Brent Montgomery, David George, Adam Sher, Will Nothacker, and John Kroll. The whole production is possible due to the Leftfield Entertainment company.

Defining the Concept in Brief

It is a military game that requires maximum efforts from contestants. There are four teams in the competition led by such veterans in the military sphere as Rorke Denver, Noah Galloway, Tee Hanible, and Nick Irving.
The challenges are mostly of physical nature. People of various ages take part here without no restrictions in terms of a sex. Surely, such a survival game implies that each episode someone is eliminated from the show.
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What is the main prize prepared for the winner?  Well, hold on hard! It is $1 million. A great prize for the incredible yet terrible challenges.

Current Viewership

The feedback from the audience is good taking even into account that the freshman season debut is not a far case. The viewership constitutes 2 million watchers on average.
The score on IMDb is also practically perfect reaching 7.7 points out of 10. Nevertheless, as the reviewers note, the series lacks in the very zest that will make the show different from others of the same type, as a competition project is not a rare case on the television, thus the audience comes to be pampered by this variety, and only some of them can become their favorites.

Following Recent Updates

American Grit Season 2 Cast
The series seems to get traction but whether the state of affairs with ratings is the same or even greater will become clear after the release of the sophomore season. As of now, by the way, we are already aware of the resumption. Therefore, the next cycle will be launched come rain or shine next year.
The military style has turned to be much dear to the audience taste and consequently, the show has magnificent chances to become a settler on FOX. The casting process is now underway. So, you are allowed to take your chance and win the grand prize. Maybe it will be your skills that will lead your team to the great victory at the end of the next season. Do not lose your opportunity to become a star!
We are not under the illusion that the American Grit season 2 release date is near in coming out. It can be expected only moving closer to spring 2017. Nevertheless, stay tuned for more updates that touch this show.


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