American Genius Season 2

From National Geographic we can expect various exciting shows appearing each year in different formats. One of the newbies of the previous year was the one entitled “American Genius”. The project is still on the hook, nevertheless, with the sophomore cycle being yet to be announced.

Brief review

A new documentary show on National Geographic that serves to narrate about the fateful forces behind the greatest competitions for innovation – that is a general summary of the show under the title “American Genius”.
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Getting you wise of the production issues, first and foremost, it is another successful line in the list of products of Stephen David Entertainment. By the genre of shows being a documentary miniseries, the project is next after National Geographic Channel’s highest-rated series Brain Games. It is a marvelous event in the history of American television and why – let’s get reviewing this question on hold.
Returning to the developers, we should name here such executives as Stephen David and Tim W. Kelly who have been working in harness with directors Paul Abascal and Richard Lopez.
The first season premiere was held in the previous June on National Geographic. Since then, nothing has been heard about the continuation.

Following the concept

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The goal of this series is to show people without whom the greatest discoveries and inventions could not have been possibly made. Every epoch has its genius. Here we are set to get to know about Ben Franklin and Alexander Graham Bell, as well as Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. If not they and their competition, the world would not be able to experience the modern comforts of gadgets, Internet, PCs and so on and so forth. Authentic stories that have escaped from public view are told here, by the way.
The opening episode makes us closer to such personalities as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. With them, the invention of computers in the 80s of the preceding century is directly connected.

When can we expect the release of the following installment?

American Genius Season 2 Cast
The miniseries was accepted in a much positive way if relying on data available on various websites that are garnering voices. On IMDb, the scoring constitutes the entire 8 points out of 10. Isn’t it enough to renew the series just right away as the pioneer season bows out? We think, there is a sense in it as the demand is high and thus, the channel can obtain a great profit. The situation is such, however, that the producers are not hurrying up now to announce the second chapter.
There are no data, surely, if it concerns the American Genius season 2 release date. So what is the reason for the series being put on hold? Can the cancellation be regarded as a possible was out of the situation? We think it is not and hope the developers of this TV show are sharing this opinion. That’s why let’s stay tuned in the case info appears as it can emerge now at any moment all of a sudden.


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