America`s Next Top Model Season 24

It is a reality show that makes for a competition held among models striving to become the top ones in the sphere. The project is an old series that has been airing on various networks including UPN and The CW. The latest home of it is considered to be the VH1 channel on which the 23rd season premiere was held on December 12, 2016. The decent debut does not lead us to think about searching for America’s Next Top Model season 24 release date.
Tyra Banks is a spearhead of the team behind the camera. As of today, the series is a joint venture of 10 by 10 Entertainment, Anisa Productions, The Tyra Banks Company, and Pottle Productions.
Entering the hit Top Model franchise, the TV show is airing not only within American boundaries, as it has its 30 international versions around the whole globe.
America's Next Top Model Season 24 Release Date

Highlighting the Concept

Related to the modeling business, the TV show is referred to competitions where models are competing for a contract with VH1, a Paper magazine spread and a contract with Rimmel London cosmetics for US$100,000.
Each week that delivers a regular episode faces the elimination of participants. The panel of judges who decide the fate of contestants includes the following ones as for the latest season:

  • Rita Ora,
  • Drew Elliott,
  • Ashley Graham,
  • Law Roach.

Rita Ora serves also as a host there while Law Roach is a stylist. Ashley Graham is a representative of a modeling business. Eliott is working for a Paper magazine. Challenges are various and hard indeed. So not so many from the original cast are destined to keep struggling for the title of a top model.

Recent Achievements and Prospects

Despite the fact that the project has a pretty long history, it seems that it is not going to lose its popularity at least the decent amount of viewers gathering every time a new episode appears. The latest revival was noted for the viewership constituting 1.2 million people.
When will the new season release date be made crystal? With such level, the fan-favorite veteran stands its ground and is likely to be renewed for the next season premiere. The recent debut implies that we should not wait for the immediate announcements as for the renewal and the next season air date specifically. It is just a matter of time. Keep being patient and follow us!


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