Amazing Spaces: Shed of the Year Season 4

Amazing Spaces: Shed of the Year is a new competition hit on Channel 4 in Great Britain. Airing in 2014 for the first time, the show has returned to screens for two times more. The latest season premiere is dated back to this summer. Exactly, the third season release date is July 30, 2016.
As for the creative cast, it includes Stuart Cabb and Will Daws as executives from Plum Pictures. The host of the competition show is George Clarke. Meanwhile, the trio of William Hardie, Laura Clark, and Max Mc Murdo serves as judges.

Following the Reality Series Core

Amazing Spaces: Shed of the Year Season 4 Cast
The participants of this show are struggling for the main prize constructing sheds. The categories which are presented in the competition are pubs and entertainment, workshops and studios, eco and unexpected, as well as unique and historic. All these targets of constructions are implemented in so creative ways in each case that is hard to decide to whom the victory should be given.
In the latest season premiere, we have been all amazed by the huge green teapot and a mud shed, as well as a shed built from wine bottles, and much more! If you feel the absence of emotions and surprises in your life, you are welcome to refill this emptiness in your soul while following the narration of this show!

Rating Figures

As for the latest debut, the viewership constituted about 1 million watchers upon the average with a little bit fluctuating numbers if taking the premiere episode and the finale. On IMDb, the score is almost average with 6.9 out of 10 yet it is still inspiring for watchers and developers in order to deal with the subsequent production.
Amazing Spaces: Shed of the Year Season 4 Spoiler
The reception from the audience and the very worthiness of the idea to gather people with creative minds guarantee the series settling on the channel for the following several years.

When Will the New Episode Appear?

Can we expect the new season air date appearing in the near future? Has the fate of the project been already rendered? Currently, there is no need in searching for info regarding the possibility of the fourth installment. It is too early for such things as the announcement of the Amazing Spaces: Shed of the Year season 2 release date, although the revival can be stated already this year. Stay tuned for updates!


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