Alaskan Bush People Season 5

Alaskan Bush is a TV series created in United States of America and aired on Discovery Channel. The premiere episode was released on the 6th of May 2014. The format is pretty unusual and for some people it may even look disturbing. The series is set in deep Alaskan forests following a family of nine people living together out in the wild.


The show lets us to have a look into deep Alaskan wilderness filled with difficulties created by Mother Nature. The filming is done in Alaskan wild forests with the participation of Billy Brown – a naturalist and devoted adventurer. He lives together with his loving wife Ami. They’ve got seven children.
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This family made a very brave choice and started living on their own, in severe and cold environment. The members of the family are connected both to each other and to the wild nature. They have to do lots of things for the first time in life – find new paths to walk, find new shelters to hide, create weapons to hunt animals and find the ways to take care of each other while being sick.
Billy Brown passed through terrible hardships in life – he has lost his parents and his sister. At 16 he was left completely alone. He had to start to live his life on his own. From that very point, he decided to devote his whole life to his family and to his kids making sure nothing will happen to his nearest and dearest. He’s always longed to create a life of his own with happy wife and happy and healthy kids.
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Billy and Ami are more than 30 years together saying that they’re used to do thing natural for human beings. They survive, they hunt, they keep their family home protected and survive the way they can. They explore, they wander, they live. Billy’s sure that this way of life is something that is meant to be for real human beings.

The Family

Billy Brown, Ami, his wife and seven kids – five boys and two girls. They are separated from civilization. They don’t see people from outside world for about half a year. They’ve even developed their personal dialect and has got used to calling their family a wolf pack. They even sleep together like wild animals looking for protection of the strongest in the pack. There’s no other family like this in America.
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Nearest Broadcasts

The fourth season of Alaskan Bush People started airing on the 6th of May 2016. It finished on the 15th of July this summer. That’s a truly inspiring and at the same time, surprising project about strong and self-contained people with much more to tell in the future. Their everyday life is a new adventure, a new struggle in Alaskan wilderness. It’s an exciting show providing the viewers with real emotions and unpredictable events. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the continuation, cause the viewership is high and there was no news about the cancellation.

Update: Alaskan Bush People Season 5 Release Date

Waiting pays off. When it comes to waiting for a restart of a favorite series at least. That means, if you have been patiently waiting for the fifth season of Alaskan Bush People, we have good news for you. Not only do we know that the project is restarting, we know exactly when the new episode will come out. And, believe us, that’s going to happen very soon. In less than two weeks, we will see the new installation of this series.
So, when does season 6 come out? It’s no secret, the answer is January 4, 2017. Even though it’s next year, we won’t have to wait for much longer.
By the way, make sure that you subscribe. While it is unlikely that there will be a reschedule, you will send you a notification if any changes in the project come up, be it a new season or a cancellation.


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