Alaska Monsters Season 3

A comparatively new project about wild nature of Alaska titled specifically “Alaska Monsters” is now on the bubble waiting for the decision that the creators of the show are compelled to make in the near future. At the current moment, there is nothing in the course in fact but not to lose a hope that the decision will be in favor of the serial.

What is known about this TV show?

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Presenting in itself another reality show about Alaska, the serial under the title “Alaska Monsters” makes for the American multipart product aired on Destination America. The premiere of the whole project took place in 2014. The second part was brought to light in the antecedent year. With the release of two these chapters, a tradition of launching was established. The thing is that the serial appears usually now in September.

What does it depict in fact?

If to give a summary of the project essence, we should only note that the show is depicting the hunting of The Midnight Sons for paranormal creatures in Alaska. It    actually presents quite an unusual story, don’t you think? Surely, it seems to be captivating enough as it is considered to be a mixture of severe nature conditions and supernatural power. But let’s move further in order to prove this presumption.
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So what are those midnight sons? In fact, it is a team of men with different activity spheres who embark on traveling on Alaska territories. The team of participants includes such names as Little Bear (the spearhead), Crusty (the explorer), Face (the technician) and Levi (also the technician).
Their goal specifically is the Alaska Triangle in which they are searching for the paranormal beings. Of course, some people do not believe in the existence of these creatures. But they can be mistaken, who knows. In any case, we should not affirm that a thing that we can’t possibly see cannot exist in fact.
What is about these hunted creatures? They are Bigfoot, the northern giant, saberwolf, otterman, and some others. Each part begins with deciding what certain creature that they are aiming to look for today. As soon as the decision is made, they set off for the place where they can find the real evidence, particular by means of speaking to the locals who has crashed once with this paranormal being.
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Is there the essence of looking forward the next season?

In spite of garnering some unfavorable reviews from critics towards the mundane way of depicting things in this show, the serial has got its steady fan base. These loyal followers consider this project quite promising and are longing for the appearance of the third chapter.
So far there has been no word from the creative team cornering the Alaska Monsters season 3 release date. Whether the serial is to be renewed is also unknown. But let’s stay tuned as there is a strong probability that these important data is somewhere around the corner if to take into account the fact the usual timeframe for release is September.


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