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If the car topic is covered in many documentary shows, such vehicles as aircrafts rarely become the main feature of the documentary series. The developers of the project Airplane Repo on Discovery Channel decided to fix it, when back in 2010 presented their product. The show is an example of how one can solve the problem with the operation of too expensive flying devices and provide their owners the opportunity to regain a lost vehicle. One of the questions asked by the fans of the project was as follows: will Airplane Repo come back for season 4? Release date of the next part of this series is already known. The latest finale season 3 turned not to be the last, and the new episode of the show will be premiered on July 15, 2015, when all the conventions are met. The coming of the renewed Airplane Repo is a real pleasure for its fans, and the program’s return is a very right decision.
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Authors and Developers

The starting season air date was presented to the audience on December 12, 2010. Since then 3 full season have been released, and the latest third season release date was set for August 22, 2014.
The directors of the series and the authors of its script are:

  • Steve Jones;
  • Justin Harvey;
  • Gab Taraboulsy.

Executive producers presenting all the air dates and developing the series are:

  • Ethan Prochnik;
  • Matt Renner;
  • Joseph Boyle;
  • Dan Ilani.

The narration has been carried out by different people in different seasons. The personalities remembered by the public are such as:

  • Mike Rowe;
  • Jim Pratt;
  • Austin Keyes;
  • Craig Klein.

Airplane Repo Season 4 Spoiler
The series is being developed by Underflow Films, the company responsible for the following season premiere; the network which is going to present the next season start is Discovery Channel.

About the Show

The cast of Airplane Repo includes professional pilots and other people, who are aware of how to return a plane to life. This format is especially useful for those who do not know how to pay off ones debts and regain a beloved "iron bird". The methods shown in the project are very effective, and its members go to great lengths to achieve their goals.
When new season four will be launched, it is sure to continue describing all the peculiarities of the same work and present new participants with their new stories.

Current Rating and Prospects

Today the series rating on IMDB is 5.3/10, which proves that it has got mixed feedbacks from the viewers. Anyway, the continuation is being strongly awaited, and the audience at least has got an answer to when season four is going to be released – it will happen on July 15, 2015. Stay tuned to know the schedule of future episodes and find out all the details of the next part of Airplane Repo.


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