Airplane Repo Season 4

Airplane Repo seemed to be turned already to a settler on Discovery Channel concluding from its three successful debuts. But the situation is going another way now as the series is still on the bubble after the latest premiere in summer 2015. So let’s wait for the official news.

General info

A documentary series about airplanes can be to men’s liking in the majority of cases. But sometimes it is exciting even for women to follow the sky adventures of the main heroes of this show.
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So Airplane Repo is an American documentary series broadcasted on Discovery Channel. The first emergence of this show is dated back to 2010. At that time, however, the developers launched only three pilot episodes that were supposed to be a kind of test that was to determine whether the project would be worth its further development. Then a long hiatus took place. The full first season saw the light of day only in summer 2013. The second and the third installments appeared in 2014 and 2015 correspondingly. Each season includes eight full parts.
The creative team is large enough including Matt Renner, Dan Ilani, Ethan Prochnik, Chris Kugelman, Joseph Boyle, and Sydney Clover. These people are the representatives of Undertow Films, as well as of Discovery Channel.

Concept and central heroes

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Clarifying the idea, we should mention those principal heroes of the project since the first debut. So they are agents employed by special institutions to customize aircraft and other assets which price is formidable. The heroes are named Nick Popovich (first three episodes), Ken Cage, Mike Kennedy, Kevin Lacey, and Danny Thompson (from season one). There is one more real character in the series – Heather Sterzick who used to be a military air traffic controller.

Picking up where the story has left off

In 2015, the series was back to screens shaped in the third full-fledged season. So it is the latest update of the project which shows the work of Ken and Danny as well as Kevin Lacey infiltrating a Mexican ranch to snatch a family plane stolen by a wayward brother. The third season is full of excitements indeed. So let’s follow it together with us.
Airplane Repo Season 4 Cast

As for announcing the next chapter

Though the latest third season appearance is dated back to the previous summer, the news is not so much inspiring as there has not been any announcement concerning the revival of the project for the next chapter. Surely, nothing can be said now about the Airplane Repo season 4 release date.
It can spell only two developments of events. The first one is that the producers have made a decision to make a break in order to continue the project later with freshly minted brains. The second development is rather disappointing as it lies in the project being canceled once and for all. But we are going to stay positive and recommend to follow our example. So stay tuned in case of changes in the situation with the project.


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