Airmageddon Season 2

What type of the show can we expect from such a title? What does it imply? If fact, it is attractive but it is hard to guess what is behind it. Airmageddon is a game show that unites children in their drone operating experiences. The program is new on the CBBC channel and is waiting for the resumption. Stay tuned and you will catch any kind of info on this project in the neck of time.

Production and broadcasting issues

The show is a game show created for amusement and tailored specifically to children though it can be of great interest for adults as well. As a British project, it turns to be broadcasted on the CBBC network in the United Kingdom.
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The creation is a responsibility for Steve Carsey famous for such his projects as Robot Wars, The Match, and Techno Games. The companies behind production are DHX Media and Conceive Media. Hugh Lawton (Ultimate Brain, Art Ninja, and Movie Mania) spearheads the team of executives. The first release is dated back to February 20, 2016. The current amount of episodes equals twelve. These are the main issues to keeping them in mind being a follower of this project and now we should reveal the main concepts of the game.

Following the core of the game

If you are acquainted with Robot Wars, the series will be to your taste, as the new kids’ game program reminds the format of it fully.
Let us refresh some things in your memory, thus. Robot Wars is a game show where robots are competing with each other. In this case, we are dealing with children as they fight in teams in their drone operating skills. There are four teams in the given game.
The first and so far the latest season is composed of eight rounds and then the semi-final and ultimately the final.
Each competing cycle includes numerous challenges and specific tasks. The drones that take part in the series competition are Air Marshall, P.I.G., G.U.A.R.D., D.R.A.GON, and W.A.SP.
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Series feedback

The series was accepted favorably just with the first episodes that were given a start in February. According to the unanimous opinion, it is a mixture of cutting-edge technology and an exciting competition.
You will enjoy the dramatic unfold of game events. Much suspense is added, thus, to the story in order to attract a large audience including not only children but also adults. And now what can we say about the future of this reality program? Is it a renewed one?

Renewal predictions

The case is that we are left in the cold and thus can only make a guesswork regarding the series resumption. Before the cancellation is not announced formally, the chance that the story will get another round still exists. That’s why we should keep our ears out for any news that will bring some changes in the situation with the project. There is not waiting so far for the Airmageddon season 2 release date. Stay tuned and you will catch any kind of info on this project in the neck of time.


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