Against the Odds Season 3

Against the Odds is a new docuseries on Military Channel, or as another title says the American Heroes Channel. Airing since 2014, the series includes two chapters with six and five episodes correspondingly. The narration was given by Rob Lowe in the first season.
43 Films is the company behind the fabrication. Sammy Jackson and Tracey Connor collaborate on the project as executives.

As for the Narrative

Against the Odds Season 3 Poster
The harsh reality of wars is shown in the series through the eyes of the several generations of veterans who have been the immediate participants of battles.  From World War II through Korea and Vietnam to Iraq – all these frontiers are presented in the series though the perspective the  experiences about which the cast members of the docuseries speak in front of cameras.
The stories cannot leave anyone untouched. The purpose of this docuseries is clear as day. It teaches us such things as of bravery, solidarity, and determination. We should live and fight with honor for the chance to live further.

Latest Season Premiere

The second installment appeared on screens with a new narrator named Blair Underwood, an advocate of veteran rights, as well as a famous actor. Specifically, the second season release date is February 15, 2016.
Against the Odds Season 3 Spoiler
The latest cycle of episodes revealed the truth about battles in Japanese at Peleliu; in Fallujah, Iraq; the excessively dangerous fight at Dogshead in Vietnam; as well as the combat at Mortain, France; and some more.

Ratings and Renewal Potential

The series has its strong potential of renewal thanks to its great ideas and social purposes. The audience has been strong and stable during the course of two runs. There would be never too much appreciation of heroism of wars’ participants, as they were brave enough to contribute to the victory of their country. We should  pay tribute to the dignity with which these heroes struggled for their nations and ideas saving and protecting people.
When can we follow the first new episode of the docuseries? Will the new season air date be exposed ever?
The series is not renewed for the next season premiere so far. This is strange, as the release can be planned for the start of the next year that is near already. To make a long story short, the resumption, as well as the Against the Odds season 3 release date can be very much close. Stay tuned for any kind of news!


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