A Haunting Season 9

Perhaps one of the most mysterious and mystical series that are broadcasted on TV channel TLC – this show A Haunting, which has already been released in the form of 8 seasons. This project tells the stories of paranormal events and people who have experienced them. Such a long period on television is an evidence of viewers’ love. But as everybody knows, everything tends to end, and after the finale episode of the eighth season was presented the audience started worrying with the following question: when will A Haunting season 9 begin? Release date of the next ninth season has recently been announced: the following season air date is set for October 21, 2016. The next episode will definitely be watched by a great number of viewers, so the coming is being awaited now and the audience hopes for the renewed program to return with catching and exciting stories.

Creators and Developers

Originally the first season release date was presented on Discovery Channel on October 28, 2005. Later the show aired on Destination America, and since October 12, 2012 the series has been broadcasting on TLC.
A Haunting Season 9 date release

The main creators of the project are its directors. Those who produce the series for a long time are:

  • David Haycox;
  • Stuart Taylor;
  • Greg Francis;
  • Jeffrey Fine and others.

A Haunting Season 9

The narrator of A Haunting is Anthony D. Call, who has been working in the series since 2015. The company developing the show and responsible for all the air dates is New Dominion Pictures; the channel broadcasting the program since 2012 and which is going to present the next season premiere is TLC.

Plot Review

As the cast of the project one can see ordinary people, faced with the mysterious occurrences and unexplained events. These cases according to the characters of the show come from the paranormal world. Some of the stories featured in the series are really scary, but it is the main and favorite feature for a variety of audiences.
A Haunting Season 9

All the witnesses in each episode are confident that their case is a most unusual, and the team of researchers has to deal with the fact whether the case described by a family deserves attention or not.The new episode of season nine will likely bring more interesting stories able to frighten and excite even the most skeptical person.

Number of Viewers and Series Rating

On IMDB the series has gained an 8/10 score, and such a rating for an 8-season series is very good. It’s worth mentioning that the latest eighth eason premiere was watched by about 0.65 million viewers, and the new episode which will be presented on October 21, 2016 will undoubtedly be watched by even more number of people. Stay tuned to get the series schedule and not miss the ninth season start.

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