500 Questions Season 3

Will the third part of the quiz show appear next year? This is the question number one that tackles the interest of the audience of the 500 Questions series. The ABC channel has not revealed any kind of info and seems that it is early so far yet be in the swim, as info can become exposed at any moment.

Shortly About the Concept

The title itself makes us aware of the series concept – and indeed, it a quiz show where people come to try their knowledge on general subjects. There are ten rounds with fifty questions in each one in the show. The task for participants is clear enough but it is actually so easy to answer all of them and get the highest prize?
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Production and Broadcast Issues

The series we are describing now is reckoned to be a feather in the cap of Mark Burnett and Mike Darnell with Richard Quest, CNN journalist, serving as a host.
The first premiere is dated back to May 2015. The second installment saw the light of day in spring 2016.

Going Into Major Particulars

Well, there are ten rounds with each one comprising fifty questions, which come to be also divided equally into ten categories.
There are also other rules of the game that are strict enough and do not let anyone to get to the final question, as elimination is the following event after you have answered the three questions incorrectly.
There is not waiting for help from someone as any kind of assistance is forbidden. Thus, everything is created for kicking the contestant out of the show.
As for the prizes, here, there are certain sums of money, which participants can win. The highest prize ever won there constitutes $110 000 for answering 168 questions.
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Some Rating Figures

The funny and insightful project in one pack turns to be favorably accepted by critics. That is a rare case with such shows for entertainment.
As for the viewership, a slight decline in rating has taken place during the release of the second chapter comparing with the release of the freshman season. So now, the amount of watchers comprises about 4 million people.
The scores on aggregator websites are average. The most popular among them called IMDb has garnered only 5.8 points out of 10. In spite of this, we are sure of the series great future.
The audience keeps following the show, as the difficulty of tasks proposed to participants tackles the audience interest as nothing else in these shows. They wonder whether they will be able to cope with them or fail with the first chance given.

Future of the TV show

The resumption for the third cycle has not been stated as of today, as well as the 500 Questions season 3 release date has not been announced. We consider that it is too early for such things and we should speed things up as time is needed in order to create a new actually worthy installment.
Keep your ears out for any specifics that can be exposed at any moment, nevertheless, in order not to miss any piece of important info about the given show.



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