50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy Season 3

Just another show for amusement – that is about the series under the title “50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy” which serves to sow the adventures of Baz Ashmawy and his mom who is reckoned to be a pensioner already. The series is composed so far of two seasons. The third one is yet to be confirmed.

Brief review

The show under discussion is considered to be a new travel reality project broadcasted on the UK on the channel called Sky 1. The first premiere was held at the close of summer 2014. The release of the second installment was set in the previous August. Since then, we have not received info concerning its resumption for the third cycle of episodes which number constitutes now twelve.
50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy Season 3 Poster
The production of this comedy show is lying on Burning Bright Productions. The series stars Baz Ashmawy and his mother Nancy Ashmawy.

Following the concept of the show

The concept of the show is rather simple. The series chronicles the adventures of a middle-aged son and his mother who is considered to be a pensioner already. The names of them are known to us.
The adventures, however, are set to test Baz’s mother mettle and scare her to death. Surely, it is a comedy and the son is not going to kill his mother in its literal sense.

How about events in the latest installment?

The second installment appeared at the close of the preceding summer, as we knew. The main characters have become older for one year. But it does not mean specifically that they are going to refrain from their crazy adventures.
So they embark on new journeys visiting such countries as Mexico, Japan, Germany, and India. It is a rather large space for experiencing real adventures, isn’t it?

Ratings and reviews

The audience turns to practically fall in love with this comedy life story. The response is favorable and the verdict is such that the series is in need of regular renewals.
What has attracted such a large number of favorable opinions? The reply is the mixture of things depicted in the series – particularly family, traveling, humor, and adventure. What else is needed for the perfect relaxing evening?
The series success is confirmed by the scoring on various website. On IMDb, it constitutes 8 points out of 10. Thus, it is more than average and guarantees the series resumption for the following several chapters.
Moreover, speaking about this show, we are dealing with the nomination for an RTS Award in the Popular Factual and Features category.

Renewal predictions

The current moment has nothing to please us with, unfortunately. The series is not renewed though it is high time to do since the traditional launch timeframe is August and we could expect the appearance of the news season in this month.
Nevertheless, the 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy season 3 release date remains unknown, as well as the fate of the project in general But let’s stay tuned and hope for the better news to come off finally.



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