100 Miles from Nowhere Season 2

A breathtaking show is guaranteed while viewing this one from the Animal Planet channel. The series is still new having only one season under its belt with the second one being yet to be confirmed. However, the ratings give us hints that the story will be renewed finally.

Making a short sketch

A new American adventure show under the title “100 Miles from Nowhere” is a newcomer on Animal Planet with the first season debuting in April 2015. Since then the series further production was put on hold. The current amount of episodes equals eight.
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The show is produced by the same executives who have been taking part in creating the project entitled “Naked and Afraid”.

What are the participants?

Such a show should depict the most reckless adventurers. In the USA, they are Matt Galland and two his best friends named Danny Bryson and Blake Josephson.
Each episode is devoted to this group as they set off on trips to various remote, as well as extreme places where humans’ appearance was a rare case.
What goal do they follow in fact? Are they dissatisfied with those comforts of the civilized world? Surely, they are as calm and peaceful life is not for them, adventurers in their nature. That’s why they are on the trail of the most hazardous journeys visiting the most remote places of the country.
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In order to get you wise of the efficiency of the traveling let’s just define that within half of one week, they have burned about ten thousand calories being on foot, rafts, as well as skiing and riding their skateboards while the whole trek comprises about one hundred miles.

What are the adventures there?

The question is now where they are going specifically. What are those extreme locations? Among them in fact, there are various landscapes including insufferably hot deserts, freezing-cold canyons, steep mountains, as well as snake-infested jungles.
Their trips are always full of a certain amount of risks. That’s why the show is rather popular among Americans as well as in other countries around the globe.

How was it accepted?

100 Miles from Nowhere Season 2 Cast
The show captured a considerable amount of fans who were posting very positive reviews towards this project. The amount of favorable commentaries is joined by the scorings on various resources. On IMDb, for instance, it constitutes more than 8 points out of 10 thus making it absolutely a perfect one with A grade.

When will the confirmation of the renewal be announced?

Taking into account the info about ratings, we should note that it is very much probable that we will see the new premiere sometime in the future. But as there is no data regarding its feasibility, as well as about the 100 Miles from Nowhere season 2 release date. We should only arm ourselves with patience and hope that this future will be as much near as it is possible.
Stay tuned checking back with our service if you are pursuing to be in the know of info regarding this marvelous show.



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