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Originally this show is Italian. It’s an adventure comedy and fantasy animated series for little girls broadcast on both American and Italian TV channels. They became internationally popular almost immediately after the premiere. The first season appeared in 2011. The English voiced premiere was aired on Nickelodeon. In July, 2015 the show was moved to Nick Jr.

The 7th episode is running right now. The producers say that the 8th season is on the way!


Meet the characters of the American version: magic fairies – Bloom, Flora, Tecna, Stella, Musa and Roxi Aisha. They are voiced by Molly Quinn, Alejandra Reynoso, Morgan Decker, Amy Gross, Romi Dames and Roxy Aisha respectively.


In Magix dimension, Bloom is the Last Fairy on the planet. Once she understands that she’s got the power. She gets it after witnessing a mystical battle she shouldn’t have seen. Stella suggests her to enter Alfea College for Fairies. Bloom gets some new magical friends – fairy girls and boys from the Redfountain. The girls bravely fight with evil creatures of the magic world. In the course of the story, Bloom gets to know that she is the last descendant of the mighty Sparks family. The family wanted to save her from the tragic destiny and sent her to Earth in order to preserve her magic forces and let her grow in peace. 

The seventh season was first aired on Nick Jr the USA in August, 2015. In addition, to magic theme Winx animated series delivers a lot of positive and strong environmental messages for kids. For example, in this new season, the fairies understand that the fairy animals are very important and they try to protect them. They are saving them from Kalshara – an evil character with her brother Brafilius.

Unfortunately, there are no official plans for the 8th season, but the producers say the series are going to come out. The exact date is still unknown.


Those who gave their voices to the girls perform the main song with their usual non-computerized voices.

The producers of the show say that some point of the plot is partially based on Sailor Moon series. These are the moments with transformations similarities in appearance of the main characters (Stella and Bloom definitely remind us of Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus).

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Winx Club – Season 8 – Transformation Dreamix Musa

Winx Club: Season 8, Episode 1! Roxy Believix, Daphne Sirenix & Winx Butterflix! HD!

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