Ferdinand (2017)

It is considered to be an adaptation of the book by Munro Leaf published yet in 1936. The story for children is adapted by Carlos Saldanha serving as a director. On a side note, it is not the first animated version of the story. In 1938, at attempt was made to give the narrative a screen shape. That scrupulous work was made by Walt Disney. For its pacifist undertones, the story was prohibited in many countries yet it did not influence the popularity of it by any means. Now it is the deal of Blue Sky Studios, Davis Entertainment, and 20th Century Fox Animation to create the modern version with special effects. By the way, Ferdinand release date has been already revealed. 20th Century Fox is the company responsible for distribution, having acquired rights for it in 2011.
Jenny Bicks, Yoni Brenner, Carlos Kotkin, and David N. Weiss are behind the script development. Meanwhile, the producing part is taken by Bruce Anderson and John C. Donkin.
Ferdinand (2017) Release Date


The story enlarges upon a bull who wants only to smell flowers and to refrain from fighting when he finds himself in an arena.
Idling under a tree just enjoying the smell of flowers and sun rays was the “activity” of his preference when a bull was small. He could not understand others who were anxious to run over locking horns when there was a possibility at hand to put feet up.
With him growing up, the bull remains the same, but one day some strangers appear to choose the best bull for arranging fights in Madrid. The irony of the situation is that Ferdinand comes their way and the choice they make is a mistake, surely.
Many ideas can be extruded from this story. One of them is that we should not judge a person by appearance. We are all individualities and the stereotypical way of thinking impedes to understand this.

Release in 2017

According to the reliable resources, the release date of the expected computer-animated project is defined by 20th Century Fox. The schedule says in particular that the movie should appear on December 22, 2017, on screens worldwide.
Are you waiting for the cartoon together with your children? Stay on, to get the freshest info regarding this animated movie, as the story seems worth following it!



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