Winx Club Season 8

The Italian animation industry is known for its new adventurous cartoon named “Winx Club”. It is an already long-running project with seven full seasons on board. But, so far, the creative team gave no words concerning the eighth chapter. So, we should keep our eyes open in case of any changes.

Fantastical adventure by Italian production

An animated project, Winx Club is a pure and straightforward blend of many genres, including action, adventure, comedy, and fantasy. This story is, by the way, a work of developers from Italy, the home country of the cartoon.
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The series is on air on two channels: Rai 2 in Italy and the Nick Jr. channel in the USA. In North America, the airing was set initially on Nickelodeon. And since the sixth chapter, the series moved to Nick Jr due to the producers of the first channel refraining from the next release.  So the series can boast not only the local but also international broadcast.
The series crew includes Iginio Straffi, the director and writer, and such executives as Joanne Lee, Alfred R. Kahn, Norman J. Grossfield and Tom Kenny. The production company is Rainbow S.r.l.
The first episodes appeared in 2011. So we have enjoyed the cartoon for five years already. The current number of seasons is seven.
The latest season emerged the past August. Now, we can expect the appearance of the eighth one.
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The series’s Italian soundtrack is incomprehensible to English-speaking residents of the USA. So the animated show had to be provided with English voices. This task was entrusted to Keke Palmer, Alejandra Reynoso, Morgan Decker, Molly Quinn, Amy Gross, Romi Dames, and Liliana Mumy.

Central characters

The main characters are fairies from a special college specialized in magic powers. It’s called Alfea. Bloom, Stella, and Flora and roommates Tecna and Musa create the Winx Club. They also meet handsome boys at that school for fairies.
The last season delivers a touching idea of the necessity to protect our environment by depicting the Fairy Animals. They are magical beings with particular talents. Without them, the balance of the Magical Universe is impossible to maintain. The problem is they are targets of the villain Kalshara and his brother Brafilius. That means they are in mortal danger.
Winx Club Season 8 Cast

Current status of the cartoon

The series’s target audience is not overly wide. It mostly consists of small girls. Boys, on the other hand, are not interested in this kind of thing. That leads to a considerably average rating. On IMDb, for example, it is only 4.4 points out of 10.
Such a low rating could be a reason for cancellation. But we should retain hope as there is still a chance of possible renewal for the eighth season. A new episode might still be coming. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope to get info about the Winx Club season 8 release date.


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